Perth Fashion Week – Day 2

A model backstage at the Ruth Tarvydas show last night wearing a piece from the new SS 12 collection. How much does she look like Caitlin Lomax before she went brown!! It’s uncanny.

As you may know by now Style Voyeur is reporting for STM/PerthNow every day during Perth Fashion Week, from now until next Tuesday and the great thing is, it is exactly what I would be featuring right here if I wasn’t partnering with them. So by having a look there, it is really the exact same thing you would usually expect from me – albeit including a more suffer-no-fools, unbiased reporting style story to go with the imagery. I have given an oath to not sugar coat the truth and must give a very honest opinion of the event – like all reporters must do. Not that I don’t always do that on Style Voyeur already, I am always honest with you, it is just that this week I am a real reporter (and blogger) for one of the biggest papers in this town via PerthNow and on SV I have always adopted the policy, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all because I figure it is way too easy to be just another negative Larry but from this experience I have realised that there is nothing wrong in pointing out some negatives if they are apparent and relevant to your story. People do want to know.

STM/PerthNow have given me total creative control over my content and pieces which I am so happy about and as a result the PerthNow reader gets the real Style Voyeur experience first hand.

For your full Style Voyeur exclusive of PFW Day 2 go to or click on the STM ad at the top right hand corner of this page. There will be a slide-show image at the top of the main page that takes you directly to my story and coverage and if you scroll about half way down the homepage, on the right hand side you will see a side banner ad that says ‘Follow Style Voyeur at Perth Fashion Week’ with my picture and logo.

If you like SV and are attending PFW, come up and say hi if you see me. I am always such a loner, like a real voyeur 😉




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