Kitty Grace SS 12/13

Since starting her KITTY GRACE label such a short time ago in 2011, designer Kat Grace is already proving herself a designer to watch. Having just been signed by a “Fab New York & L.A. based showroom,” it is clearly only a matter of time until this Perth born, Bali & New York based designer hits her stride.

Kat Grace sent Style Voyeur these photos exclusively from the new SS 12/13 collection, titled ‘She’s Like Crystal’ photographed by the one and only Justin Smith. Like everything Justin puts his hand to, the photographs are just stunning and I am excited to share them with you!

The KITTY GRACE collection will show at Perth Fashion Week this Friday at 9pm and I can’t wait to be there, front row and center to capture it in all its glory.

The new collection focuses on corsetry, draping and swimwear, as Grace takes her designs to another level. The inspiration for the collection stems from the discovery of the incredible Naica Mine in Mexico, which contains the world’s largest known natural crystal formations. Grace was amazed that this environmental wonder was hidden underground from human detection until 2007 and she became obsessed with images of its incredible 12 metre long translucent beams. The range features fabrics in amethyst, emerald, sapphire, tangerine, topaz, coral, watermelon colours.

Silk digital prints were also created for this collection and reinforce her inspiration with abstract photographic interpretations of ‘best friend and creative rock,’ Justin Smith’s photographs. The collection also features a one-off print by fellow Bali based designer, Jaime Lee Major.

Like a crystal, the KITTY GRACE woman is one that contrasts fragility and beauty with a sharp edge and a straight to the point personality that you must handle with care.

Sounds like my kind of girl!

Above & Below: Perth top model Sarah Pauley modelling the KITTY GRACE SS 12/13 collection.



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