Adam Heath’s 1st Birthday

Adam Heath celebrated their first birthday tonight with the launch of Nina Ricci, now avalable at the Claremont Quarter boutique.

Players from POLO IN THE VALLEY were there with gorgeous horses in tow and guests enjoyed Champagne and canapés whilst perusing the new collections. One of the highlights of the event was hearing a heart felt speech by the director of Youth Focus, a charity involved with Polo in The Valley who’s inspiring work involves the prevention of youth suicide and depression in WA. Another highlight for me on a much lighter note, was seeing John and Margarita Hughes’ daughter who is somewhat of a smoking hot babe and lovely to boot, wearing her fabulous Tom Binns ‘GET REAL’ necklace. If I was her I would’ve gone for the ‘RICH BITCH’ one for a touch of jest, however it was still cool to see a piece from this collection in the flesh.


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