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I have missed you! It has been a few weeks between posts but I have returned and can now finally reveal, the biggest surprise in Style Voyeur history, my COMPLETELY new blog design and re-brand! I hope you like it!! Boy what a journey it has been behind the scenes to get to get to this point.

A Fairground by Jaime Lee Major design. Photo: Thom Kerr

It has taken 4 months with many tireless hours spent, a whole lot of dedication and a team of brilliant creatives helping me along the way to arrive here today. I am thrilled to present The New Frontier of Style Voyeur for 2012.

There are many new sections for you to check out, I will still be tweaking bits and pieces as time goes on, but I hope you are all excited to have a click around and enjoy the new experience. Without you, my loyal visitors who keep coming back, none of this would be possible. I really feel as though with all of you who visit SV, that we are our own little gang and I cherish that more than you can know. We are now able to stay in touch a lot more easily, you can like the posts by clicking on the thumbs up sign and share posts with your friends on facebook and via email by clicking the little icons below each post. You can follow me on twitter or bloglovin’ and as you search through the different categories, comment about anything you like. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Photo: Thom Kerr, Jaime Lee Major RFW SS12

Before I explain SV’s brave new world and why there are so many Jaime Lee designs floating around this post, I firstly have some very necessary thank you’s to deliver.

To Mick Barlow-Stringer and Russ Goodman from tonne gramme, my graphic designers who developed my logo and business cards and assisted with the branding. Under their guiding eye, tonne gramme enlisted the help of illustrator Jae Criddle who rendered the logo by hand using paint and many treatments to achieve my incredibly specific brief. The final touches, the ‘dipped in gold effects’ were done by my friend (comedy writer and jack-of-all-trades aficionado, Matthew Lovkis).  The logo in itself took months, but it was definitely worth it!

Thanks to Lauren and Grant of Marketing and Public Relations business, Muse Bureau, who will act as my agents going forward and help take Style Voyeur to the next level. I would not trust anyone as much as these two to nurture and guide my little baby  into this new frontier. I have worked with Lauren and Grant before and am so grateful to have their excellent minds on the task. Their level of expertise, keen attention to detail and effortless approach in all that they do is something I am in awe of and I am excited to navigating my way forward under their guiding hands.

Lastly but the absolute opposite of least, thank you to Jesse Yuen of Mixed Medium. I would have to say that Jesse is quite possibly the nicest, most professional person I have ever worked with. He never once said no to a request and there was nothing he couldn’t do. He is a truly talented man and I would recommend his services to anyone.

Letecia Price behind-the-scenes of our Jaime Lee Peroni video shoot we did in December last year for a competition Jaime entered.

Thank you so much to the crew involved in the making of this video, it was an epic job.

Director of Photography: David Le May

Director & Editor: Antony Webb

Producer/Production Designer: Marcia Ball (me)

Model: Letecia Price @ Viviens

Second Camera: Laure Bernard

Sound: Xoe Baird

Hair: Rachael Shaw

Make-up: Hayley Beadon

So I assume by now you have noticed that there is an ad to the right of the homepage by the label Jaime designs for, Fairground. Yes, Style Voyeur now has advertising but before you get all worried about me ‘selling out’, know this, the more I am able to make SV financially viable, the better the blog will become, and it can only get better! For me to be able to take SV to the next level and keep delivering the very best, exclusive, up-to-the minute posts, it makes sense for it to be commercially viable also. Every cent will go back into making Style Voyeur a more entertaining experience for readers. I look forward to sharing some seriously out of this world content with you all as time goes on and will keep on doing what I love more than anything else in the whole world.

Obviously I will keep styling for clients, however the nature of my styling work only compliments SV and I will be sharing more of myself and the inner workings of my fashion happenings in times to come. I no longer consider Style Voyeur an anonymous blog. If you look in the ABOUT section, you will notice a little more about me revealed than in the past. The reason I attempted to make SV ‘anonymous’ from the beginning is because, really it is not about me, it is about you. Obviously I have always shared many experiences, thoughts, beliefs work and ideas with you all and it has been very personal in that regard, it is just that it was not created as a blog about my personal style, like so many others are. I actually find that rather boring. Style Voyeur is not necessarily about what you look like on the outside, or whether you are wearing the latest pair of Miu Mui blue gingham earrings, it is about your love of creativity, about having the ability to know what works, to be original and stand up for what you believe in, even if that is simply just the notion that beautiful photographs get you off more than anything else in the whole wide world. Own it and know that all of those things, really and truly come from within.

Grazia Magazine Editorial.

As most of you well know, Jaime Lee Major and I have been supporters of each other since the beginning, through my voyeuristic camera lens, I found Jaime in her last year at TAFE when she was completely unknown and from the moment I set eyes on her work, I knew I had to do something about it, to do all that I could do to help her achieve her goals. Style Voyeur began as a platform for unknown creatives, for me to give them the support they needed and so rightly deserved, where other traditional media outlets wouldn’t. Over the past 4 years working together for this mutual cause, to see Jaime succeed and see Style Voyeur used as an appropriate means for channelling the next big thing, we have become best friends. So I thought for this opening post, the dawning of a new era, we would take a look at the talents of one of Style Voyeur’s bright young things and what she’s up to these days. Enjoy!

Above: A custom-made Fairground design made by Jaime Lee for Kimbra. Lindsay McDougall, The Doctor, of Triple J trying on Kimbra’s B-A-N-A-N-A dress backstage at the Big Day Out

Below: Kimbra and Goyte performing live on the Jimmy Kimmel show in L.A. Kimbra wears another one-off Jaime Lee design.

Jaime is now the designer of Fairground who are my very first ever advertisers. Her work for the label has made waves within the industry and the Fairground designs are now coveted by girls all over the globe. The label is stocked nationally, check out the website by clicking on the ad at the top right hand corner of the Style Voyeur homepage.

The Jaime Lee/Kimbra combo has taken the world by storm and Jaime has made it her business to dress the Best Female Artist for every major event. Of course as a result, Kimbra ended up on all of the best dressed lists when she wore not only one, but two of Jaime’s coututre inspired dresses at this years ARIA awards. Wearing Jaime Lee has certainly contributed to Kimbra’s rising IT girl status within the fash pack, she is seen here on the pages of Famous Magazine and Harpers Bazaar.

Watch Kimbra’s acceptance speech from the 2012 ARIA Awards.

Jaime also worked on the latest collection by top Australian designer, Alice McCall. Can you tell she did the graphics as well? Amazing! There is a huge poster of this on the shop wall of Alice’s Sydney boutique. Below, another look from the latest collection.

This is one of my favourite Jaime Lee shoots ever. It was photographed by Libby Edwards for Jaime’s Spring/Summer 12 collection, titled Pollination, which she presented at RFW in 2011.

Photography: Libby Edwards @All Of The Above Creative

Styling: Jaime Lee Major

Hair: Rachel Shaw

Make-up: Constance Bowles @All Of The Above Creative

Rock and roll.



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