Backstage @ Dilettante’s New Collections Show

On Wednesday night I covered the new season collections launch for Dilettante and was lucky enough to have exclusive backstage access on the night. The event was named, Bonne Nuit Paris and it was exactly that, a good night as though we were all in Paris.

The Moet was flowing, the guests were dashing and the fashion was unlike anything ever seen or expected in Perth. Dilettante sets the benchmark for not only WA, but also high-end fashion boutiques Australia-wide. The standard of everything owner Dianna Paolucci puts her hand to is truly a cut above. This is not to imply that others aren’t doing it well, it is more to say that her exquisite taste is unparalleled. We are all continually impressed and thank god Perth has her to call our own.

Hair was done by the forever fashion-forward, Head Studio.

Above & Below: Models wear Gareth Pugh

Above: Boris Bidjan Saberi jacket

Now seriously, look at what I am dealing with here! It is not every day that you meet a boy that looks like this! I have been doing this for a long time now, 4 years in a few months and while I have always been almost completely immune to the jitters one would assume comes with shooting models, there is the VERY rare occassion where a male model will change all of that in the blink of an eye. It sounds creepy but when all the professionalism you have garnered throughout your career goes directly down the drain and you have absolutely no choice but to succumb to a sheepish, giggly version of yourself, THAT is when you know you have found a true star on the rise.

I literally cast male models based on this theory, if he makes you giggle, he’s worth hiring for your client!

This realisation has occurred to me only 4 times in history. The first was, of course, upon meeting the one and only, Scene Model Tom Bull. The second was a model named Augustus, he modeled temporarily while on holiday here for Chadwicks before returning to his hometown of Sweden where, shockingly, he no longer models.  Some of you may remember him from the old days, see this post if not, he appears in the first image. The third is Dirk V, also from Chadwick, he was in a show I styled at PFF last year and I have taken his photo numerous times, I would cast him in 5 seconds if a client brought the right gig my way. The fourth is Danny Skilton. He was signed only 3 weeks ago by world-renowned model scout, Christine Fox of Viviens after she discovered him in Bunbury while attending Classique Model Management’s end of year graduation. Ms Fox attends the annual south west modelling school’s grad parade and keeps a very close eye on the South West, having also found model Courtney Eaton (below center) from the same town and agency in WA. I shot Courtney for SV last year at the South West Fashion Week and she is absolutely stunning.

It seems as though the water is even more rich with ‘something’ down south, top model Caitlin Lomax also came from Bunbury and was, at a time I believe, represented by Classique. As we all know she is now a regular on the international circuit. Only time will tell for these two but it’s certainly not out of reach for either of them in my opinion. They are definitely two of my favourite models at the moment and some fresh new talent for Perth.

Above: Jade, Courtney & Gwen from Viviens & Below: Courtney Eaton.

It was so hot backstage! Courtney is unsuccessfully trying to fan herself quickly before walking onto the runway.

Daniel holding a bunch of roses to give to Gwen, the Vivienne Westwood bride, before the finale walk and a model who wears Vivienne Westwood Man.

Above: Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto

Above: Peachoo + Krejberg

Jennifer Love Hewitt look-alike alert!


Above & Below: Vivienne Westwood

Gwen asking her model partner about the catwalk choreography before the finale walk. Her outfit was INSANE!



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