Autumn/Winter 2012 Menswear

The Trends – Part 2

Hot & Sweaty

The one and only Tom Bull walking for Giorgio Armani in a pair of super chic sweat pants.

Tom sent me some photos direct from Milan this evening and it just so happens that his exits (and beard) were perfectly on trend for this post.


Vivienne Westwood (above & below Tom with his snow covered beard and cut-out sweater knit.)


Marc Jacobs

Rouge Velvet

Tom walking for Canali in Milan.

Beards were seen on many male models’ faces this season and having had his for quite a while now, Tom could have quite possibly started this trend. You think not? Well he certainly rocks it like the best of ’em, I love it!


Moschino (above & below)

I am not a huge fan of red velvet, however it appeared on almost every runway for Autumn/Winter 2012 and with at least one rouge velvet look showing up in most collections in Milan, there is no turning your back on this one. 

Whether it were trousers, blazers or complete head to toe looks, in my opinion this trend works best when worn with decadence in mind. I like the loose bow-tie and rouge blazer above, in-fact Moschino’s treatment of the look almost makes me reconsider my opinion on this trend almost all together.  

Diesel Black Gold

red velvet suit D&G.jpg
Dolce & Gabbana


Jacket As Cape

CN back.jpg
Costume National (above & below) created an innovative solution for wearing your jacket while at the same time not being hindered by it. The jacket as cape look was also seen at Burberry, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana. This design concept from Costume National was ground-breaking. I now wish every jacket I own has handles like this!

Costume National.jpg
valentino cape.jpg

Dolce & Gabbana

The Turtleneck

Tom with his snow covered beard for Vivienne Westwood. 

Funnily enough the other models had to have fake beards and moustaches made for them for the show.

You can’t really see his turtleneck here, however they were back in a big way for fall and I even have double proof that in Europe they are considered super chic – with this video direct from Milan.

Check this video out, titled ‘What They Wore’ featuring the men who attend the shows in Milan. Tom is featured at the very start and quoted as saying he is wearing ‘a nice turtleneck.’ This boy knows what’s what, so there you have it, no doubts to be had. 

turtle neck emporio armani.jpg
Emporio Armani

prada adrian brody.jpg
Adrien Brody walking for Prada

Salvatore Ferragamo.jpg
Salvatore Ferragamo

Versace 1.jpg
The Raincheater 
rain sheeter ck.jpg
Calvin Klein (above & below)

There were more practical trends for menswear this season than I have ever seen before. Although it has been coined the Year of The Suit by Tim Blanks from, the parka, luxe sweats and turtlenecks also featured prominently. Here we have the Raincheater adding a utilitarian element to the runway and showing us that fashion knows no bounds.

Although the luxury market has not been hugely affected by the recession, in-fact luxury fashion brands remain a stronghold in the Global Financial Crisis but this would also be because designers have evolved, stayed relevant and offered up some more practical elements each season. Take the raincheater for example. This is a truly bizarre garment, however the need is strong in Europe and wouldn’t you rather have a water-proof, wind-proof lamb skin one by Calvin Klein and match head to toe than wear a bin liner? I’m sure the Milanese men out there would agree.

rain protector CK.jpg

Andrea Pompillio

Umit Benan.jpg

Special Mentions
Burberry Prorsum’s patterns & prints
Fluro rockabilly @ Moschino

gaffa tape Bottega Veneta.jpg
Bottega Veneta’s gaffa detail. 

This reminds me so much of a boy I know who works on film sets and wears snippings of gaffa tape on his shirt all day incase he needs it. I love this look for that reason, very cool and in film, very practical too haha.

serial killer jil sander.jpg
All leather at Jil Sander. 

Love the Serial Killer/ American Psycho/ Batman vibe to it all. The entire collection was like this apart from the odd sweater, Jil Sander’s man is VERY intimidating and un-touchable for Autumn/Winter.

All images
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