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Lately I have been posting a lot of interior architecture photos and you may be wondering how this relates to fashion. The way I see it is you can take inspiration from anything design related. 

When I look at something I like, I don’t just see it for what it is, I imagine other ways it could excite me and be worn or displayed and the feeling that product gives me can relate to so many other things out there. 

This post features some pictures I took from a recent holiday of a cool space called Word Of Mouth and is a perfect example of how I look at interiors and design in general. 

While fluros are currently on trend and while trends can be very fun to play with at times, they are also highly disposable. I will always love clear accessories, for example and no trend will ever change that. 

I will also always love the gift of life – that inspiration comes for free!
Prada Spring 2010 shoes
ysl spring 08 the one.jpg
YSL Spring 2008
Tom Binns necklace Spring 2011
Celine Bag Resort 2011
Owners of Word of Mouth, Ahishake Kumbhat & Valentina Audrito
To see more on Word Of Mouth, visit their website or like them on facebook!


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