White Rhino – David Collins Exhibition

Linton & Kay Contemporary
White Rhino 2010

I was introduced to photographer David Collins last night when some friends invited me along to the opening of his exhibition at Linton & Kay Contemporary Gallery in Subiaco and I have to say, I was totally blown away.

In his first solo exhibition titled ‘White Rhino’, Collins presents a body of work filled with eroticism and decadence unhindered by the mundane normalcy of everyday life. His photographs form a curious mosaic of rich opulence comparative to that of the pre-Raffaelites but with a modern day point of view. The complex imagery could be studied for hours while you escape to a world of fantasy at its most provocative. 

There is so often much talk about the huge talent in this town and people are so quick to bandy around terms such as ‘Next Big Thing’ and ‘Star on The Rise’ with little worth, however last night’s exhibition was a true testament to the fact that there really are some great creatives sitting right under our noses in this isolated state, just waiting to hit the big time. David Collins is one of them and his future looks to be a bright one, at only 24, he is definitely one to watch!
What Yo Pappa Said 2011.
Salome’s Hat 2010
What is for 2011.
The Ghost 2011.
These pictures are made to be viewed in their large format so it is a MUST that you make the trip to Linton & Kay Contemporary to see this exhibition before the 25th November 2011.

To see more on David Collins visit his website.


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