Curtin University Fashion Grad Show

‘The Factory’ 
Midland Old Railway Workshops 

Emma Young
Shinead Gecas (above & below)
Emily Hewitt
Jeromy Lim (above, below & bottom)
Thanks to the tool who did the lighting I barley got any useable pics of the amazing Jeromy Lim’s work. For the record it’s not ‘cool’ to have models walking down the runway in complete darkness until they hit the end of the runway only to be confronted by the most unflattering spotlight imaginable. 

No one goes to a show to see pitch black darkness and in this case it was such a waste of the impressively long catwalk. I usually don’t care or are affected by these things, mostly being backstage at shows, however this time I was sitting in the audience so I now understand why so many photographers complain about such frustrations. The spotlight in question (I call it the cellulight) was pretty much our only chance of seeing anything on the runway and was so awful it actually made the mere mortals in the audience feel sympathy for the genetically blessed models. 

That light would’ve made even these objects below 
(by Or * na * men * ta* lists, Emily Hewitt and Lucy Smith) 
look, well….uh… not thin.
Lauren Hung
Tayler Ainley
Ahmad Srolestz
Kasischke Kai Lin Chiam

All catwalk images taken by my good friend, 
photographer Richard Jefferson.


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