Central Institute Fash Grad Show

State Theatre Centre – Heath Ledger Theatre
Jaxon Reibel (above & below)
Tonight was the Central Institute Fashion & Textiles Graduation Show and it was absolutely superb! The designers coming out of Central Institute are insanely cool. I have to say I wasn’t that surprised, my styling assistant Jaxon Reibel (who I have worked with since I started my styling career four years ago) is part of this graduating class and he is a force to be reckoned with. Plus the students were all mentored by Garth Cook, Kirsten Shadbolt and Robin Alexander, who are some serious local talent (Garth is currently in the UK working for Mary Katrantzou, hello!) Jaxon had also informed me that his graduating peers were sensational and he certainly wasn’t wrong or being bias. 

I love covering the grad shows, it is such a privilege to get the chance to see the up-and-coming designers have their chance to take the limelight and it also gives me a chance to work with the models, which is really my favourite part of Style Voyeur, if I boil it down. 

Tonight there were tonnes of models who were all from Chadwick. Some were brand new and just used for the night as an opportunity to get a taste of modelling out of the classes they attended while growing up, and some were the seasoned professionals. 

Like Bill Cunningham, I too do not consider myself a photographer. He says it is the subjects that MAKE his photographs and I totally agree, it truly is. Some models just have ‘it’ and ‘it’ cannot be taught. It basically comes down to being photogenic and confident in front of the lens and tonight there were some special moments. Obviously as time goes on, I too get better at taking the photos but no amount of practice can lead to capturing those moments that make a photograph pop with extraordinary charm. 

I hope you have as much fun looking at them as I do taking them. The pleasure is all mine xxx
A model having a quick drink of water before taking to the runway.


I tried to tell this model how much I thought she looked like Hailee Steinfeild from the Coen Brother’s film True Grit but she had no idea what I was talking about. I was trying to get a shot of her hair and Dirk leaned in, it has become my new favourite photo and has a real vibe to it. 

It is sort-of cinematic to me and looks like it could almost be a couple from the old world and she is a peasant and he is a knight who is completely in love with her. She is in love with him also but she is unsure of whether she can give herself to him completely because her family have warned her that she will be beheaded if she steps above her station and is only a pawn in one of his games haha or something like that. Definitely not a usual model-y photo. I love it!
This designer, Justine Nobles’ work has been picked up by Zekka and will be stocked there soon. A true reflection of the sophistication that we saw by the designers tonight. Actually quite incredible.
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Until next time, stay rad!! xxx


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