SV’s Guide To Bali – Part 2

Balinese Design
Balinese design (above) The Bulgari Hotel Sangkar Restaurant, Uluwatu. 
I had never been to Bali before. I always said I would NEVER go there. I am opposed to the Indonesian government and the injustice and corruption that is common practice in these 3rd world Asian countries. I had been to India years before and that was horrific to say the least. 
The reason I did finally decide to go however, was because my friend and I, two borderline workaholics who hadn’t had a holiday in years, found ourselves with a matching window of scheduling opportunity and just jumped at the chance to get out for a much needed break. 
We could only spare a week so we looked to Bali for the short travel time and its luxury for less appeal that we so badly deserved. Some forced relaxation was in order and Bali fit the bill.
(Above) Kiss Bali reception
We vowed not to take our computers and 8 days of luxury ensued with the promise of a holiday that would cleanse our minds and souls. So off we went with health insurance and the assurance of chic times with the trusty venue referrals we collected from our friends in the know.
Our beautiful 2 bedroom villa – Villa Seindah, Kiss Bali.
Bali is not the most glamorous of places generally, however what I found most interesting and was actually not expecting, was the superb level of design and attention to detail using elements of nature, interiors and architecture at the (mainly) newly established venues we patronised. It would be a good place for architecture and interior design students to visit and would serve as a point of inspiration in creative construction for sculptors, artists and anyone interested in design. 
What started as a typical ‘Guide To Bali’ blog post has actually become a guide to Balinese design. This post and the next serves as a creative reference point in design from a place that is doing it rather well. 
(Above) Potato Head – the wall and ceiling is covered in recycled window shutters.
The juxtaposition of shabbiness with chic can can mess with your head at times but it also aids the impact of the stand out design that is taking shape in the emerging development of communities such as Seminyak, Jimbaran and Uluwatu.  
(Above & below) Design features at W Hotel & Spa. The bikes were perched in the middle of a massive marble lobby next to the gym. The vastness of the area surrounding created white space and made the bikes look almost like they were being exhibited in a gallery.
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Potato Head pool bar. They recently had an Empire of The Sun show here that everyone was raving about. Mark Ronson has also performed at the venue. The white line in the background is the shore. It’s a pretty great venue, come on Perth, we need something like this on the beach!!
(Above & below) Sculptures at Potato Head.
A shallow pool highlights the stunning view to the ocean @ Ayana Resort.
Ayana Resort. 
Ayana is the location of Rock Bar set on a cliff in Jimbaran. You have to take an elevator down the cliff to the beach bar as seen in SV’s Guide To Bali – Part 1. So stunning!
Some of the ‘installations’ were repeated at various venues. This piece was seen at W and a cafe called Word of Mouth (which will feature in another post). I assume the repeat of such elements signals that the pieces are made, sourced and produced in Bali.
I became obsessed with taking photos in the different bathrooms. Each place had their own way of using design with even the simplest formulas. Something so simple as toilet rolls displayed in this way looks so effective.
Everywhere you go there are little hand towels instead of paper towels and they were often displayed like this. Bali is a very eco-friendly place and they are ahead of their time in this regard, everything is recycled.
Look out for the next post coming soon on how nature is used to highlight design in Bali.


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