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100% Biodegradable Reusable Bag Launches Today
Take inspiration from Vivienne Westwood and opt for an ethical market bag.
Today my conscience is finally clear! Introducing Earth Bags.
I hardly ever drink aside from the occasional glass of Champagne at a fashion event or when I feel like rewarding myself after a long days work or a good deed, I’ll crave a wine. Tonight upon arriving home I had one of those rare cravings, for a crisp white, and to my complete and utter surprise, waiting for me at my front door, was a mysterious bag attention to Style Voyeur containing just that. Not only did this bag contain some delightfully yummy goodies, read my mind and fulfill my cravings in one fell swoop, this bag is also on an important mission – to save the planet, one good deed at a time. 
If you are anything like me with your attempts to be ‘green’ when supermarket shopping and end up buying a new ‘green’ bag every time you hit the shops, Earth Bags are the perfect solution. 
Earth Bags are made entirely from paper sourced from sustainable forests and spun using a complex weaving process, recycled water and beeswax coating that solidifies the paper into the Earth Bag. In 45 days, IF you choose to allow it to, Earth Bags can fully biodegrade. All you have to do is put it in the compost (if your mum/housemate/partner is a hippy) or leave it in the garden/ soak it in water and shazam, nothing remains. It’s unfortunate I cannot do this with my existing ‘green’ bags and to add injury to insult I just learnt that all other ‘green’ bags actually contain lead and petroleum products that are more harmful to the earth than regular plastic bags.
I suppose at least the tally ends today because I now know I will never buy another one again.
While this all sounds very impressive and I would love my Earth Bag to contribute to the organic growth in my garden, the only thing is, with my new found obsession for the Subi farmers market at the local primary school and the impressively robust form, convenient long handles and unexpectedly chic appearance (trust me the Burberry clad yummy mummy market go-ers will be jealous, this stuff gets us off), I have a feeling this one might actually stick.
Available in a range of colours and designs, Earth Bags can be tailor-made for the general public or business community. 
I say get on board!


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