WIN! With Fatty Arbuckles

Fatty Arbuckles Giveaway!
20 Royal Street,
East Perth.
(08) 9218 9559

FA_Facebook_3.jpgEast Perth Hair salon, FATTY ARBUCKLES is giving
STYLE VOYEUR readers the opportunity to escape from reality and enjoy a few hours of urban zen.

Listen very carefully for your chance to win this necessary-to-be-chic prize pack.

image 2.jpgJ’Adore Me Urban Gift Pack
Qaba Rebalancing Treatment

Style Cut & Styler Dry

Fashion Colour Technique

Detox Ion Spa Foot Treatment

Total Value $380

All you have to do to WIN a glamorous hair style and spa treatments, is go to Fatty Arbuckles’
Facebook Page and write ‘Style Voyeur’ on the wall.

Person number 101 to write ‘Style Voyeur’ on Fatty Arbuckles Facebook Page will be the winner. There is no real limit on how many times you can enter (except 101 times obviously) and the prize will be drawn when the 101-th wall post has been made.

Hint: Think of this like an ebay auction. If you enter, keep an eye on the numbers and enter again when the amount appears to be rising. The aim of the game is to team up with your friends and get everyone to write ‘Style Voyeur’ HERE so that eventually one of you will be person number 101 and

Here Your Go
If no one starts, no one will win.

Happy liking and posting, this prize is worth the effort!

Stay rad, ’til next time.

xxx SV xxx


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