Daddy can I have a….donation??

karen-beauty1.jpgThe RSPCA needs your help!!

If you are like me and absolutely love animals then think of a way to give some money to this incredibly needy cause.

Animals can’t help themselves!!!

tumblr_lbe3nf9XWG1qedn1go1_500.jpgAs some of you may know my mother is a complete greenie. At times it is very admirable while others it can be somewhat embarrassing. Just yesterday we met for lunch and made a trip to Farmer Jacks on the way home to stock my pantry (being a creative, naturally I am poor). The girl at the checkout became very confused when scanning the recycled plastic bags we used to load the fruit into. All the stickers from rival supermarkets with marked prices still on made it look as though we’d already bought the fruit elsewhere. Of course I was left to explain that the fruit was indeed from them, the little plastic bags were just second hand.

Appearing as though you’re trying to steal fruit aside, Gabrielle is a very kind-hearted, fight-for-a-worthy-cause sort of gal. When she was telling me how much money she’s donating to the Queensland Flood Crisis Relief it got me thinking – WHAT ABOUT THE ANIMALS? After convincing her to give some of the money to the RSPCA – it inspired me to do this post.

Don’t get me wrong I like humans as much as the next person but animals will need our help too – maybe even more so!

If you have limited money like me then convince your parents, sugar daddy, lover, sister, brother, anyone you can to donate to the
RSPCA FLOOD CRISIS APPEAL in their heroic attempts to save the animals affected by this crisis.

Just remember one thing, particularly if it’s not your family you’re convincing.

terry-r-2~1.jpgImage Terry Richardson


tom-ford-lunettes-hiver-2010-11-1.jpgTom Ford Campaign (featuring the boy from A Single Man)
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Picture-2.jpgImage Tim Walker



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