Two Thirds TAFE show

CENTRAL TAFE WA – Tuesday 12/10/10

IMG_2500.JPGSecond year TAFE students showcased their fabulous designs for the eager audience awaiting what is usually expected in Perth at these sorts of events – boundless talent on display.

The night – for me – was all about student designers showing everyone that they have what it takes to be relevant within the tough fashion industry.

Well done to everyone involved!


IMG_2495.JPGThe models were all gorgeous and of an incredibly high standard for regular people acting the part on the night. 
IMG_2538.JPGI love this boy’s look! He was so cool and reminded me of a french dracula – Monsieur Handsome.

IMG_2554.JPGOne of my wonderful assistant – Jaxon Reibel’s designs.



IMG_2625.JPG IMG_2637.JPG IMG_2656.JPG IMG_2648.JPG


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