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The Pinnacles, WA. Vogue Brazil Editorial


It has been a long time between drinks for SV but I am finally back to serve you with the finest crystal to quench any fashion followers thirst, a taste of what it’s like to be behind-the-scenes of a shoot for Vogue Magazine.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be asked to join the team of Vogue Brazil for an editorial story that was being shot in the Pinnacles of WA. Being no stranger to this desert location and in awe at the offer of this amazing opportunity, I jumped at the chance and welcomed the invitation with arms wide open. I had no idea of what to expect or whether I’d even get to be involved enough to have any creative say but to my utter delight the team encouraged my input and to this day the experience stands as my greatest (contributing) styling triumph in my career thus far.


The team consisted of:

Photographer: Gui Paganini

Fashion Director: Giovanni Frasson

Producer: Roberta Germano

Make-up Artist: Max Weber

Model: Laura Gorun from Prascilla’s

Assistant Photographer: Jhonatan Chicaroni

Assistant Stylist: Vinicius Ienzura

Assistant Stylist: Me

Red Bull Representative: Ana Pessoa

Our kind Bus Driver from Swan Gold Tours.

We all stayed 3 nights in Cervantes, 17km from The Pinnacles.


Vini providing shade from the sun. No one wants a burnt model.


Accessories laid out on the sand.


Marc Jacobs.


The best thing about shooting for Vogue = being able to ruin the shoes. Hearing the words “Vogue will pay” was the most satisfying experience for me as a stylist.


Laura Gorun and fashion photographer Gui Paganini




Inspiration tears

IMG_9500.JPGThe tricks of the trade. Lacky bands around ankles to tuck Stella McCartney jodpur shape trousers into boots.

IMG_9594.JPGVini with his impressive clip lanyard.
 The ultimate stylist’s assistant.
IMG_9543.JPGRoberta, Ana (LOVE her outfit, such desert chic) and Vini.

IMG_9564.JPGMax being himself. Very funny guy!

Chain metal necklace used as bracelets.

IMG_9585.JPGLove this photo. Roberta’s cowboy boots used as camera holder. A very Brazilian looking leg.

IMG_9475.JPGGiovanni making his adjustments.

IMG_9608.JPGDouble sided tape. The ultimate tool!



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