Bush Living!

No Stage Outback
busg.jpgWho would’ve thought!
I had a taste of the simple life and I loved it!

Granted we stayed in the equivalent of a bush mansion in the wild and had every luxury one would hope for in the middle of no-where but living for 8 days in an extremely remote place was something I had never experienced before.

With no clocks in the house, no internet access ($1 per MB makes it almost obsolete), no phone reception and only a tiny Tavern and a post box in the whole town of Quinninup, 350kms south of Perth, it is almost as remote as you can get without being in the Gibson Desert.

35 Kilometres to the nearest petrol station, pitch black night rides avoiding foxes chasing rabbits, famous moon shine in the form of Kirrup Syrup and in W.A., the most isolated place on the planet, this is the real deal.

Style Voyeur vs Wild.

22753_269461389972_632734972_4367420_5952644_n.jpgAs soon as we arrived we visited Karri Lake beside the house. It is the town water supply so swimming is not permitted. Luckily our genius friends brought a pool (even still it was tempting to break the rule) but what stands today as one of my most mind blowing experiences to date was what we named the ‘Audible Silence.’

This view (above) of the trees when seen in real life standing opposite us was like something out of a Magic Eye book. It was as if my tainted city eyes could not process the beauty. As hippy as it all sounds I felt as though an ironic panic attack was within my realm, the rippling of the leaves was peace in it’s purest essence.


22753_268392439972_632734972_4360438_2271920_n.jpgGame scores. Everyone loves to win.


22753_268390319972_632734972_4360411_4273670_n.jpgI love this photo.

untitled.jpgBest holiday ever!

I am now fully refreshed, and fully inspired for a fresh start to the year.

Happy 2010!
May it be as rad as you are!


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