One Movement

One Movement Festival & After Party
 – Saturday 17/10/09 + Sunday 18/10/09

IMG_2922.JPGIMG_3007---Copy.jpgOne of the bands I enjoyed the most – Wagons, from Melbourne. They used a star tambourine and washboard. Half way through their set of blues/country/soul/rock the singer took a break to play the drums while his band member started rapping. It was the most unexpected thing and totally ruled! I had a chat with them at the after party and accidentially called them Wheelbarrows. It was embarrassing to say the least but luckily they found it hilarious as did my friends.

IMG_2949.JPGIMG_3021.JPGIMG_297411.jpgPillar artworks by the one and only Hurben.
IMG_3029---Copy.jpgAnother excellent band Biuret who are number 1 on the charts in Korea. The singer was stunning and played a mean harmonica. Their act was far more rock ‘n’ roll than expected.

IMG_3027.JPGIMG_3075.JPGWolf Lane

IMG_3082.JPGIMG_3088.JPGTigarah from Japan @ the after party.
A famous Japanes pop singer who had the best (and most hilarious) disco songs. One of which was called Dancefloor and it basically went like this – ‘DanceFloor, Dance Floor, Dance Floor, Dance Floor’ with some serious synth thrown in.


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