Carly Hunter Preview

Sneak Peak

1.jpgFor Autumn/Winter 2010 Carly Hunter refines her aesthetic, bringing elegance and diversity to the collection this upcoming season.

The fetish and grunge collection takes on a new direction for the label with the addition of unisex pieces being incorporated into the range. The usual design ethos, Hunter’s obsessions with symmetry, the 1990’s, minimalism and menswear is still apparent, although this time around garments have a darker, more sophisticated style.

Style Voyur got the lowdown from the designer on her sixth collection to date.

” I’ve been listening to a lot of SWANS and Michael Gira music so there is a very dark, gothic look to it. There is a whole lot of industrial detailing like metallic zippers and chains, cross rope back ties (playing on the fetish reference) and there is a ghostly image on a unisex T of a girl’s legs and wrists. There is also some Kurt and Courtney in there.”

Quote from Michael Gira: “Swans are majestic, beautiful looking creatures. With really ugly temperaments.” 

8.jpgBackstage photography: Carly Hunter
Models: Jessi Moloney @ Scene & Royce.
Shoes: Zomp


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