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Saturday – 3/10/09

IMG_2391resize.jpgAnyone who knows me well knows that I have a rather eccentric mother. I can appreciate it more now that I’m an adult, however if you’re a child at the supermarket packing food into multi-coloured knitted bags (15 years before green bags even existed) then it’s hard to not be embarrassed.

My first word was ‘sulcies’ (baby speak for sultanas), we got carob ‘chocolate’ on Easter and the first time my brother and I had McDonalds we had to go to hospital because my brother had an asthma attack. His body wasn’t used to all the additives.

My mother is a greenie to the core. I find it ironic that nowadays it is almost ‘chic’ to be pro-green. At Vivienne Westwood’s Spring 2010 show guests were greeted with a piece of paper displaying the words ‘Act fast, slow down, stop climate change.’  Although for years Westwood has been spreading her anti-consumerist messages, it is only recently that the majority of people no longer point and laugh at recycled shopping bags.

On Saturday my mother got married for the second time and in her true style put on a hippy wedding. The ceremony was held where I grew up, at the family home. Amongst all the madness I managed to get a few snaps that act as a sort of behind-the-scenes to an event in my life.




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