WA Fashion Awards

Thursday – 10/09/09

IMG_2162.JPGWINNER of the Fine Details Award: Sophie Kyron.

I love all of the nominees for this award. Alister Yiap and Generics Accessories both have extremely strong designs and they will always be winners in WA fashion. Comparisons cannot really be made between the three labels but someone had to win and Sophie Kyron’s jewellery is utterly breathtaking! As you can see in this image it is made for the urban goddess and has somewhat of an ethnic princess feel to it. I will certainly be using her pieces in future styling jobs.

new-resized.jpgGenerics Accessories

IMG_2202.JPGWINNER Designer of Tomorrow: Paper Sky.

The other nominees in this category, The Butcher and The Crow and Carly Hunter are my absolute favourite up-and-coming designers in WA at the moment and I have full faith that these designers will be making waves for years to come!

IMG_2188.JPGThe Butcher and The Crow

IMG_2204.JPGCarly Hunter.

I LOVED the use of head phones being shown with every garment presented on the runway by Hunter. It was a real point of difference and made the label stand out as the edgy young brand that it is.

Other winners.

The Most Innovative WA Designer: JOVEEBA

The Creative Edge: Hendra Widjaja (Make-up)

Best Dressed Boutique: ZEKKA

Hot New Talent: Millicent Lambert (Model)

Runway of the Year: Paris Fontana

Photographic Model of the Year: Bridget Malcolm


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