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Style Voyeur was delighted to receive an email by Think First WA urging people to stand up and say something against the bill to restrict the sale of spray paint and markers to people under the age of 18.

eflyer1.jpgOn Tuesday September 15th Western Australia’s Legislative Assembley voted to ban the sale of spray paint and markers more than 6mm wide to ‘under agers.’ This bill will now be debated in the Upper House in a few short days.

If the bill is passed it will mean that no one under the age of 18 will legally be able to buy fabric pens, coloured markers, bold caligraphy pens or spray cans. The bill was created to restrict the purchase of spray paint to reduce graffiti, however there are no exceptions made for educational or employment purposes as there are in other states.

This has got to be one of the most bizarre and extreme measures our state has tried to put on us. I am simply shocked at how obviously it will affect the broader community and the prospect of people under 18 being able to use these tools to further their creative flair for art. The discrimination and demonisation it places on the thousands of legitimate spray paint users in WA is sickening. The restriction which also includes a ban for under 18’s of purchasing marking pens is frightening, what next?

For more information and to say something about this, please visit:


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