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Northfolk Basement Fremantle Saturday – 8/07/09


I was invited to attend an exhibition opening in Fremantle tonight and I really had no expectations as to what it would be like. It was excellent! One of the best exhibitions I have been to in a while and the krew were so styling it was as if SV has been missing out not making the trip over to Freo more regularly- who would’ve thought.

Stand-out artists included Beast Man and Hoi Polloi but everyone’s work was really a standard above the normal/same-old art that you sometimes see (in other cities) at hipster events such as these. Tonight at Northfolk Basement I couldn’t help feel the similarity to being somewhere like China Heights in Surry Hills, Sydney – only the art was actually good.

The night was really un-expected. On the way in, the taxi driver was asking the inveitable what do you do questions and eventually we got talking about Style Voyeur. After listening to me bang on about SV and WA it turns out that he is one of the hosts at 6PR radio and does an ‘out and about’ weekly segment on Perth and the happs’ around town. So there will now be a story on 6PR radio about SV haha. It will air on Tuesday morning 11th August at 7:30am on 6PR 882.

Below: An instilation where a mechanical devise triggers a bottle to spray paint onto the perspex panels. The paint then drips down onto the wooden canvas while a windscreen wiper-type object swirls the paint around creating the artwork below.  


Some pieces that had been prepared earlier were hanging on the walls in the gallery, they were just beautiful and self sufficient taboot.


why.jpgAbove: Hoi Polloi

Below: detail from a one-off singlet.


A fashion girl graf stylzz.



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