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Up Yours Exhibition + Generation Y Book Launch


Above: Image Lloyd Stubber

It is not often that I feature other people’s photography on SV so when I do it is time to take notice! Lloyd Stubber is an up-and-coming Perth street photographer who’s work is very real. To me he captures the essence of what being a young, hip Australian teenager is all about – that just not giving a damn attitude. He has that effortless air that only comes with true creativity. This is not to say that Stubber doesn’t care, in-fact he is part of a rare breed of new young contemporary Perth creatives who are doing their own thing and showing the rest of Australia (and the world) that you can create your own destiny.

His work shows his personality like nothing I have ever really seen. It looks effortless, although anyone who has taken a photo in their lives knows that a good image doesn’t come easily. It takes a good eye, attention to detail and a whole lot of sass.

Lloyd Stubber‘s work reminds me of Larry Clark’s movie ‘Kids‘ – in a less drug induced Australian sort of way. There is no doubt that when you see Stubber’s pictures you get a sense of who he is and the setting of his subject comes alive. It has attitude. Not bad for a boy who is bearly 18. Most of his images are taken from the eyes of an under-ager and whether he is skating with friends, hanging at clubs or running a muck around the city, you get the feeling that Lloyd Stubber is having fun doing his own thing. This boy is carving a career for himself one photo at a time.

Lloyd Stubber is exhibiting his work this Friday evening at ‘Up Yours’ – Last Chance Studio


and on August 7 he will launch his book – Generation Y again at Last Chance Studio, 456 William Street, Perth.

Below is some of his photography – Watch this space!
All photography: Lloyd Stubber




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