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Late Bloomer


As far as American teen television goes, I am usually quite onto it. These days I don’t actually ever really watch TV but it would still be un-common for me to not at least be ‘across’ a show that everyone else is obsessed with. In the case of Gossip Girl however, I was one of the people who, at first, was not interested at all.

You see amongst everything I do, I also sometimes manage to find time to study at Curtin University. I figure you need a degree to live in some countires and I deferred 3/4 through to become an Art Director for almost 3 years so may as well get the piece of paper. So when I am there, quite often before a class starts or a lecture commences there is usually some horrid bleached blonde stereotype (complete with diamante` encrusted spectacles no less) discussing Gossip Girl with her similarly boring friends. So when the usual conversation of GG arises straight after you are placed in a group of people who will eventually determine what grade you receive for assignments, you dry shudder and tell yourself you will never be like them. Quite frankly, I boycotted!


Earlier in the year I moved house and my new housemate had all the episodes borrowed from her younger sister and it always seemed to be on – so, by default, I got to see it. I would walk past pretending not to care but of course became instantly obsessed with all the glorious imagery. Oh the modern day Marie Antoinette drama of it all! So now, it has to be said, I am one of those girls. I won’t deny it, I have no shame in the matter, it is sheer viewing pleasure. Of course I am not exactly them. I do understand that there is more to life than the un-realistic aspirations these shows bring (at least to those who only wish to discuss television when at university – that won’t even get you a Brooklyn based loft honey) but really, let’s face it, what fashion girl wouldn’t love this show! I admit though, I was a late bloomer….

My favourite outfit of the whole first season was Blair Waldorf’s sailor dress worn in the very last episode.

So to my utter surprise sometime last week when I was in Burlesque Baby on Wellington Street, perusing the threads, I noticed a dress that I thought looked very similar to it. I went home and googled imagery of Blair and it did look the same! So yesterday I went back to the boutique and asked who made the dress, ordered one in my size (they can order them until stocks lasts, only currently sizes M and L are in-store – it’s a kind $250) and found out it is by Bettie Page Clothing – and does not only look the same, it is the EXACT dress!

BLAIRE IN BETTIE PAGE.jpg180_dress.jpg

The GG stylist must have hemmed it but still, the Bettie Page website claims Leighton Meester as one of it’s most famous fans.

If you live in Perth you can buy it at Burlesque Baby, if you don’t you can buy it online!

Glad to have found the original source, even if it is a tad unoriginal 🙂
Accessorise with your own individual twist.

leighton_meester2.jpgSexy times, air kisses and rock ‘n’ roll to you all my friends and ’til next time,

xoxo SV.

(Below: some for the boys – watch and learn!)




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