Interview with Designer Mic Eaton

With a
range for retail giant Topshop under his belt, collection showings now in Paris every season and an international reputation taboot, this Perth designer has it all. SV got the scoop on the Mic Eaton Homme designer during the Paris Autumn/Winter collection shows before he was about to head off to Antwerp.

Material Boy S/S 09 Lucid Objects collection (Above) *mOther 🙂

anotherboy.preview.jpgAnother Boy (Above)

MaterialBoyOversizeTShirt_Lookbook.jpgMaterial Boy (Above)

1. How did you go from being a professional surfer to becoming a fashion designer?

I was very young when surfing competitively, my mind took me other places into creative paths.

2. What is your first fashion memory from when you were growing up?

Trying to choke myself with a leather belt when 8 years old, I wanted to wear a mini tuxedo to country barn dance, not the acid wash jeans I was forced to wear.

3. Where did you study?

No formal education…I surfed then went out on a limb.

4. Where do you call home?

Generally where me, my suitcase and my heart lies

5. What is it like being a boy from the most isolated city in the world to now being based on the other side of the world, living in the world’s fashion capitals?

I’m between Bali and Europe a lot, spending more and more time in Europe each season. I don’t really think of it as a boy from isolation, it feels like I’ve done my growing up over the past few years so to be there feels quite comfortable.

6. How did you make the transition from Material Boy to Another Boy to Mic Eaton Homme?

They’ve all served their own individual purposes, Material Boy was the beginning and will always be my baby, Another Boy was something that was too quick, too fast and too much work, Mic Eaton Homme is the new path.

7. What are you working on at the moment?

A short film which I will be screening at Paris Men’s week in July, I’m doing a small capsule collection for the Australian Spring/ Summer, I have a pop up shop in Melbourne at ‘Don’t Come’ Gallery throughout May, it’s a little bit of a retrospective of my young career. I am also about to start on a collaboration which cannot be spoken of just yet.

8. Where do you show your collections?


9. Is there anything you can share with us Perthites that we may not know of that’s happening in the fashion world at the moment?

I have a new project in Antwerp, Belgium. “RA” is the name, you will have to find out more yourself. It will be something to keep your eye on in the coming months.

10. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

Completely based in Europe…married, collaborating with amazing people and to continue  presenting the collections in Paris each season.

11. Who is your style icon?

Mccauley Culkin – effortless and trashy.

13. Tell me a few of your favourite things?

“Planningtorock” album, Material Boy black uni boots, Comme des Garcons purse.

14. Do you have any style advice?

Bed Hair.

15. What music do you like playing when you are working?

Classical or alternative electronic.

16. Which show is the most fun to see every season?

I’m a designer so when a designer shows his collection, other designers are the last people that they are considering, buyers, press and celebs are number one. I do like what Bless do with their presentations, I’m also excited to see what Bernhard Willhelm does with both his women’s and men’s.

17. What are your favourite collections from the Autumn/Winter 09/10 shows?

Gareth Pugh Femme presentation, Number Nine Homme (sadly their final collection), Comme des Garcons Femme, Giles Deacon.

18. What can’t you live without?


19. How best would you describe yourself?


20. What do you love most about Perth?

Vineyards down south.

Let’s play a game….I say a word and you say a word.

Fashion – Passion
Style – Individual
Love – Passion
Hate – Passion
Perth – Where?
Colour – Life
Imagination – Wild
Bland – Beige
Life – Passion



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