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The environmentally chic folks at Winifred and Bance have started a fashionable recycling initiative called ‘What’s Mine is Yours.’ It is a Swap Party designed for forward thinking recessionistas who want to get some new vintage finds for no cost at all.

Sunday April 26th is officially swap day at W&B so if you have some unwanted pieces in your wardrobe (we all know we do), stop hoarding and start swapping.

Tickets are available instore ($15) online ($16) or on the door if there are any tix left ($18).

Tickets include entry, cupcakes, bubbles and a Winifred and Bance bag to take your fabulous new finds home.

How it works

  1. Check in your garments and/ or accessories you no longer wish to own (up to 10 items) at the door before exchange time.
  2. In return, you will receive one button per item, and this becomes the currency for ‘purchasing’ new garments (at the ‘exchange rate’ of one button per item.)
  3. Given their value, store buttons in a safe place!
  4. Grab yourself a drink and relax while the remaining participants check-in their garments.
  5. When the exchange commences, locate the garments of appropriate size and style and enjoy parading around in them.
  6. Once you have selected your items, proceed to the check-out and make your button payment.
  7. Enjoy your new wardrobe!


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