Depression Chic

Surviving the G.F.C (Global Financial Crisis) in style!


I thought in true GFC style, I would access some old photos from my archives that would otherwise never get to see the light of day and now what a waste that would be!I have tried to ignore talk of the recession and ‘Great Depression’ of 2008/09, however everywhere you go now it is rammed in your face. The thing is we are very lucky in W.A. and even through it quite obviously affects everything we as individuals do on a global scale, most certainly the creative industries, it does not affect creativity itself. There are many things in fashion you can do on a budget and although it may at first feel sickening to think of what you may have to sacrifice to pay the rent, it can also be fun to sometimes throw a spanner (or in our case hair brush) into the works.

Here are some of my style tips in surviving the fashion crunch:

  • Borrow from a friend. There is nothing as cheap or fantasic as a fabulously free outfit loaned from a  friend who is just as cool as you. You can experiment with a different look or add a new piece to your already self styled mix. A priceless update to a wardrobe filled with nothing.
  •  Accessorise for FREE!


A recessionista knows how to accessorise in style.
Pick some fresh roses to add a touch of glam to your outfit. Just be sure to give your neighbours a nod and a wave next time you see them or go get planting!!


  • Get your friend to style you in existing clothes you own for a new take on your wardrobe whilst getting ideas on how to spread what you have further.


  • Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on something you’re not even sure your friend will like, give the gift of flowers. They smell delightful and put a smile on everyone’s dial.


  • DIY everything. Make something you can wear for a third of the price it would cost in retail.


While this one seems a bit irrelevant, it is saving of the symbolic kind, for this picture cannot go to waste. It was taken outside Curtin Uni library. You can’t see in the image but there was some gnarly bee activity at the time.



  • Jodee Knowles mixes leopard print and aqua seude in a truely ecclectic fashion. Mix and mis-match things you might not normally try.


  • Dolce and Gabana did it and now pjs are HOT for everyday wear. I love this mix of tartan plaid and stripes and we all have a pair of super cute jim jams sitting deep within our closets to re-create this look right?

If not I’m sure a friend will have a pair you can borrow and if that is not the case, then call me 🙂


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