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Mt Lawley & The Hyde Park Hotel – 6/01/09IMG_6227.JPGThe world is full of fables and sayings. There are rock solid truths and unwritten laws. Everybody has a story and most people have an agenda. We all know that love makes the world go ’round and you can’t judge a book by its cover. You can look but you cannot touch. Strangers are all around us and some people even wish they were strange. The biggest fear we all have is loneliness. We observe, we play and we exist.

What is the answer to it all? Well what are all the questions?

If you look closely on the streets or through your neighbours kitchen window, through the messages that fly at us from every angle, there is one outstanding thing that lies beneath it all, and it is simple – Communication. Everyday we are all communicating with each other – who we are through what we wear.

Every person I have ever asked why they love fashion has said to me it is because they can express themselves.You don’t need to judge, fear not for lonliness and just notice that everywhere you go you are softly being spoken to by everyone.

We are here and we are who we say we are, we be what we want to be, we are what we eat and we are what we are.



IMG_6253.JPGLeyla Pizzino has the label Chaka. She makes with one off vintage dresses and jewellery available from Libertine, Mt Lawley.

One of her necklace designs below.


IMG_6286 (2).JPG



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