Preoccupied X RVCA Group Show

Kurb GallerySaturday 10/01/09The upcoming magazine “Preoccupied” in collaboration with RVCA presented ‘Group Show’.


Artwork: Sam Desouza

I like the idea of rolled-up men’s slacks worn as shorts for summer. In theory I wouldn’t think this look would be achievable without creasing or the awkward appearance I have experienced when doing my own ‘roll-up job’ on oversized pieces in the past – however the thin material of these trousers makes it possible.

IMG_6371.JPGArtwork: Sam Desouza

IMG_6376 (2).JPG

IMG_6398 - Copy.JPG
IMG_6473 - Copy.JPG

I never used to like silver and gold together and am not generally a huge fan of gold (although of course it cannot be denied it has it’s place in fashion’s history/ future), however gold and silver together can be done and done well. Take Tiffany and Co for example they often release silver and gold pieces and it looks good if not even for the simple attraction of ‘opposites’ going together. Dani here has wrapped a gold necklace around a long silver chain worn as a bracelet and it works perfectly to go with her badge, ring and shoes (above and below).


Artists who’s work was showcased included:
Sam Desouza
Pari Corbit
Ryan Murphy
Adam Del Borrelo
Scott Mellor
Ryan Boserio
John Stucken
Steve Tapping


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