An SV Christmas Affair

Yallingup, W.A. – Christmas DayFor me Christmas has always been about nature, art and bizarre Christmas Trees.


There is not one year that has gone by where I have not had a bizarre Christmas Tree to open gifts from under. Having a mother that is an art teacher, a father who is an architect/jewellery designer/sculptor and step-mother who is an artist it was never going to be any other way. This year is no exception, the one above is a modification of a sculpture my father did for a project decorated by my step-mother.


The following five images were taken on Christmas eve and they set the scene for the surroundings I am in over the Christmas break. Some were bought and some have been designed and made by my dad.


I love it how the tree stump looks like the arm of this sculpture’s body.



It is always my job to set the table and I know it sounds boring but it is one of my favourite activities of the day.

IMG_5795 - Copy - Copy.JPG

A Kangaroo and Joey came to visit us and say Happy Christmas, how Aussie is that!


Polly gets a wash before the guests arrive. My step mother uses old fashioned ‘Marthas Wool Wash’ on her as Poodles have little lambswool overcoats.


Edible wild Hibiscus flowers dropped into a glass of Champagne make your bubbly that little bit more special (or as I prefer to say it makes it an SV drink!). This stylish beverage idea can be enjoyed at any celebration and looks even cuter with a drop of the pink Hibiscus syrup added. You should be able to buy it from any good gourmet store.

IMG_5992 - Copy.JPG

Backyard cricket.
My gorgeous cousins Pascale and Emily share an SV moment after the family cricket match.


The highlight of the evening – My step-mother’s amazing Trifle.
Two huge pavlovas, 7 punnets of strawberries, 8 kiwi-fruit, a litre of custard, a litre of whipped cream, 4 cans of tinned fruit, 6 packets of mini swiss cake rolls and voila!

IMG_6044 - Copy.JPG

After dinner and dessert whilst the boys played frisbee in the dark I got a shot of my cousin Madeleine. She is a pretty chic little girl. I have always loved a bolero and this one in silver is very cute. Her flats remind me of some done by Gucci a few years ago.



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