Dilettante’s 1st Birthday

Friday – 21/11/08


IMG_4626.JPGAn SV boyIMG_4803.JPG

Love the shoes!

IMG_4693 - Copy.JPG
IMG_4699 - Copy.JPG

Imagine if your boyfriend was rad enough to rock this look!

IMG_4712 - Copy.JPG
IMG_4722 - Copy.JPG

My date, Christian was handing me a drink and didn’t realise I was trying to take a shot, it in-fact turned out to be perfect timing. I love it how the ‘Tom Collins Fizz’ was served in empty jam jars! Providores’ Chic!

IMG_4834 - Copy.JPG

I have always kind of liked ash denim jeans but never find any that are at all flattering. Even though these leggins have an entirely different pattern on them and really are not even remotely comparable, from far away it looks this way and you could work them to make a more flattering – ashy kind of look.Although be warned this does not mean you can get away with the ‘tights as pants’ look. An SV girl would never dare! (EXTREMELY long American Apparel T – may be – excusable).


Pic taken outside after the presentation. I am assuming this is a Christopher Kane for Swarovski Crystal bracelet but please correct me if I am wrong….?



Oh so regal.
The must-have piece of the season for all the Leos out there (or anyone else who is willing enough to take control and be in constant demand!)

IMG_4766 - Copy.JPG

An enthusiastic punter critiquing the presentation.

IMG_4753 - Copy.JPG
IMG_4764 - Copy.JPG
IMG_4749 - Copy.JPG

It is uncanny the amount of stunning girls there are in Perth. In the past I have dedicated whole posts to it (see ‘Perth Beauty’), this girl is another un-signed talent!


As you all no doubt know by now, SV loves a mini photo shoot!
Model Clair kicks it.



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