Dilettante and Zekka new collections showing @ 1907

Melbourne Cup Tuesday 4/11/08IMG_4163 - Copy.JPG

August wears Ann Demeulemeester.

Apparently Melbourne Cup is the ‘Race that stops the nation’. I used to believe this to be the case until I become freelance and then realised that the truth is it doesn’t actually, really, stop very much at all.

It didn’t stop hearts from breaking, love making, bed bugs stinging, fascinators falling, headaches ceasing, minds blowing, blisters growing or the champagne from flowing.

More thankfully it certainly did not stop the fashion show featuring new collections from Dilettante and Zekka taking place at 1907 on Queens Street in the city.

All boys are dressed by Zekka, girls dressed by Dilettante.

IMG_4296 - Copy.JPG

Rosemary wears yellow Lutz dress, Romance Was Born leggings, A.F.Vandervorst silver shoes (worn by all girls throughout).


Dom wears Raf Simmons.

IMG_4173 - Copy - Copy.JPG

Tammy wears Tsumori Chisato dress.

IMG_4199 - Copy.JPG

Deb wears A.F.Vandervorst pant, Lutz shirt collar dress, Jens Laugesen tuxedo jacket, A.F.Vandervorst belt, Lutz red stockings.

IMG_4249 - Copy.JPG

Scott Co-Owner of Zekka.

IMG_4190 - Copy.JPG

Clare wears Peachoo + Krejberg top, A.F.Vandervorst shirt dress, Peachoo + Krejberg white skirt underneath, A.F.Vandervorst belt and A’N’D shoe bag.



Tammy wears Vivienne Westwood Gold Label corset pant, Undercover bikini top, Vivienne Westwood scarf, necklace and bag.

IMG_4265 - Copy - Copy.JPG

Rosemary wears Preen lace bodysuit, A.F.Vandervorst wrap skirt, Peachoo + Krejberg scarf, A.F.V silver envelope bag.

IMG_4258 - Copy1.jpg

Clare wears Preen sapphire blue dress, Lutz silver trench cardi, Laura B bag, Goti necklace, Christopher Kane bolster.


Pontus wears Rick Owens cardi, singlet and pants, Ann Demeulemeester boots and jacket.

IMG_4153 - Copy.JPG

IMG_4281 - Copy.JPG

Deb wears Romance Was Born dress and Lutz red stockings.


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