Windows on William


As part of the Silver Artrage Festival the William Street Collective brought us Windows on William – an exhibition of window displays from the edgiest boutiques in Perth showcased like you’ve never seen them before. To go along with all the excitement there was a cute individually designed print to collect from each shop which featured their own chosen local artists work.

Hipsters and Fashionistas alike flocked to William Street for the tastiest fashion street party of the year – hats, heels and mushroom pate included.

IMG_3962 - Copy.JPG

Anna-Lucinda Baxter wears hat and shoes from Off The Wall in Fremantle, bag from Paris and dress is Nookie.

IMG_3913 - Copy.JPGA passing William Street grocery shopper

IMG_3984 - Copy.JPG

Drage Lyon wears Target shirt, suspenders from a friend, second hand pants and shoes from Myer. Siahne Rogers wears her great grandmother’s glasses, antique cardigan bought in Melbourne, creeper shoes bought in Sydney and op shop jeans from Good Sammys on Murray Street.


Birthday girl Stephanie Spencer wears Shakuhachi dress, op shop jacket from Selby Street in Osborne Park, necklace from William Top (the shop Stephanie is standing in front of which stocks some fantastic little things and is situated, ironically, on the top of Willaim Street), Zomp shoes, hat is from Hats on Barrack Street and fanny pack worn as handbag is from Mimco.

IMG_3869 - Copy.JPG

Trevor 6025 is wearing a T-shirt from Mexico which fitted his ‘bleeding heart’ at the time and scarf bought in New York on a recent shopping trip.

I asked Trevor what he loves about Perth and his reply was “Craigie where I grew up”. I wondered why he told me to add 6025 as part of his name but eventually I put two and two together (or in this case 60 and 25) and realised that he loves his home town so much that the postcode ‘is’ part of his name – special thanks to QPZM the online postcode search engine.

IMG_3970 - Copy.JPG
Asha-Lily wears vintage black vest and jeans, Yves Saint Laurent bag and Sachi shoes.


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