The Secret Lives of Us

I have always been intrigued by the concept of people leading secret lives.

It all started in primary school when I was walking home one day and discovered – most unfortunately – my very conservative music teacher’s husband in the arms of another man. This secret life he was living was un-known to anyone other than myself, of course him and inevitably my parents. However before then I did always wonder why an old, grey haired dude, who was clearly past his mid-life crisis, would own such a flash red sports car.

I suppose being a child and noticing such things does seem odd, however being overly observant has always been in my blood. Now that I am older though, and have my ‘Official Voyeur’ title I have come to realise that if everyone is willing to, just like me, look that little bit closer, you will all see that amongst the haze of convention, in some way or another – we are all living secretly.

Look below for the Town Planner who left work early to pick up her surfboard and catch the high swell before the day is through. See the good looking young man who enjoys a bit of old man chic from time to time. Find the business man who just wants to get home to see if his surfboard (again? Yes it is Western Australia) case fits properly. The ex model who loves fashion and once enjoyed the high life now displaying a more humble echo friendly existence and last of all the teenies who are so very Sex in the City it should almost be kept a secret.  







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