SV’s S/S ’09 International Show Coverage (Part #2)


Big Contrast

For Spring/Summer 2009 designers gave us a lesson in art –

Contrasting Colours 101: Colour Theory & The Colour Wheel.

What was learnt in summary?

Grey is in contrast with orange

Pink is in contrast with orange

Blue is in contrast with orange


Constrasting = Complementary

Lesson learnt.

Oscar De La Renta.jpg

Oscar de la Renta


Andrew Gn 2.jpg

Andrew Gn



John GallianoSome believed with the current state of the world economy, Galliano pushed things a tad too far with his Marie Antoinette reference. On the other hand though, this collection was his most wearable to date. He may just have been influenced (like many of the designers supposedly were) by what they are calling the Great Depression of 2008. Yesterday’s stock market free fall of 8% (the worst fall since 1987) doesn’t make things look like the economy is going to get better anytime soon. All the more reason to escape into a realm of beautiful fashion and copious amounts of cake eating. Enjoy!





Alexander Wang.jpg

Alexander Wang


Under The Covers

A haze of grey was prominent in almost every designer showcase, smoking up the runways from Balenciaga to Yves Saint Laurent. The grey silk dress gave this sombre hue a lighter touch. The look is as though you have grabbed a sheet from the bed of your boudior and wrapped it around your flawless pale bod. At first glance you think, why can’t I just MYO this dress? However it is important to understand the skilled craftmanship that goes into working this impossible fabric and creating its effortless fall.



 Karl Lagerfeld

BCBG Max Azria .jpg

BCBG Max Azria


Costello Tagliapietra.jpg

Costello Tagliapietra


Calvin Klein.jpg

Calvin Klein



Vivienne Westwood in her usual style of outrageousness took the look one step further with her almost humourous variation of – Under The Covers. Whether you consume or disdain is your choice baby cakes.


Notable Mentions



Art School – Brasso & Brooke.

A lot of the less well known designers had some of the more interesting designs this season



Christopher Kane

I have always loved Christopher Kane since he arrived on the fashion circuit in Spring of 2007. When he did those little steel-capped denim booties last season I almost died. I finally bagged myself a similar pair by Jessie Hill at the end of winter this year only to ruin them on first wear by climbing a roof with my friend – after a notorious store opening. My philosophy of never letting fashion get in the way of fun became my downfall. However an SV girl would rather ruin her cutest pair of shoes than partake in the biggest fashion faux pas of all time – going shoeless (yes, even on top of a steel roof darling!)

For Spring/Summer 2009, Kane was inspired by the film Planet of The Apes, with which only he would be daring (and just crazy) enough to pull off.


Josh Goot 2.jpg

Josh Goot riding the wave of success in New York.

Imagine how cool this could look with black lipstick and a silver studded leather belt worn as a choker.


Victor & Rolf.jpg

Always interesting, design duo Victor & Rolf.

Modelled by the stunning (and rather old but going strong) catwalk verterin Shalom Harlow yeo0w!


DIY Voyeur Style

You may wonder after viewing all of this, how does any of it apply to you – a humble fashion follower living in the most isolated city in the world? Well all of these looks can be re-created in some way or other to suit you – if you are clever! (read fashion savvy.) Think outside the box, try places you wouldn’t usually go to and get hunting yo!

If all else fails there is always Dillettante or net-a-porter and your dad’s credit card right? If not take heed of SV’s inexpensive DIY tips below:

Accessorize with tuelle as at Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood. Re-create Bestsey Johnston’s Tim Burton-esque look for under $100 or colour your world with a pair of tights that will knock your socks off.


 Karl Lagerfeld

Have 2 metres of tuelle in the colour of your choice cut to size and accessorize away. Wear it around your neck like a scarf, wind it through the sleeves of your favourite dress, wrap it over your hair to freak your boyfriend out into thinking you have dyed it a wacky colour or wear it like a shawl to add a touch of opulence for $5 or less.


Vivienne Westwood.jpg

Vivienne Westwood


Eley Kishmoto.jpg

 Eley Kishmoto

Good places to seach for tights – Memory Lane, Chic & Chic, Myer, Sportsgirl. See SV’s Guide to Life for addresses of unknowns.





Betsey Johnston.jpg

Betsey JohnstonDIY

Wig from Joke Shop – $10

Hat from Hats on Barrack Street – $29.95

Tights from Mame Clothing – $20

Dress from Chic + Chic – $40

Total ~ $99.95

Refer to SV’s Guide to Life.

(This is an example – all prices and places are guestimates but you get my drift?

If not call me)


Have fun!



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