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Ben Frichot Exhibition @ WastelandSat 13.09.08

It is not often that it occurs, but very very rarely being slow pays off. I have taken forever to get this post out (a week in-fact), however I am so glad that I did indeed wait.

The first solo exhibition launch party showcasing Ben Frichot’s artwork at Wasteland was last Saturday 13th September and today just before I attempted to release my coverage of it into the World Wide Web I came across a new picture. This picture is possibly one of the best and most hilarious fashion Faux Pas images in Perth hipster history. Upon browsing through my friend Bec’s Facebook shots from the night I found one which includes two boys who at first glance appear to be wearing the same T-shirts. Awkward! At closer inspection, though you see that not only are the boys wearing the same exact T-shirt, they are in-fact both clad in exactly the same shoes – brand, style and colour, have the exact same jeans on – again same make, style and hue, yes they too have the same T-shirts on and oh yes both ensembles are closely followed by very similar over-coats to complete the look.

When I contacted my friend to ask permission to use the image, she informed me that the boys were not trying to make a statement against genetic cloning in 2008, she told me that – it was, actually, just one big fat accident! Oh the shame of it all! Like the ads first suggested when camera phones were released all those years ago, I too have my own suggestion for the boys. That they should follow this mantra from now on – Snap, Send and Assess – before leaving the home! Hahahahaha. Poor boys this is my worst nightmare!

*  *  *

King Street was lined with rad vintage cars and the kats and kittens in attendance were smoking hot and rocked all the way around the clock.

The epic body of work displayed by Frichot (art work that is) was impressive for a first time solo show and the speech he gave, including some heart felt words for his wife and the request that we all clap for her, appealed to the romantic in all of us.


IMG_31471.JPGAndrew and automobile.


IMG_3157.JPGJess Twin


IMG_3167.JPGMoony just chillin’



Ben Frichot and friends in front of his favourite piece – El Mariachi.


IMG_3169 - Copy.JPG

The villains – bar staff that have become almost friends to me due to all of the events I have been attending of late. Funny!

IMG_3187 - Copy.JPG

I Absolutely love the masks – I have actually been looking for one like this for a long time, to no avail. I have no use for one at all of course, however I just want to own one. I suppose I should have asked my new waiter staff friends (who also served us all at The Kurv Fashion Bar during the festival). I think my fondness of them (the masks that is) started when Luella Bartly used similar ones in her Superhero collection show at New York fashion week. Her inspiration for the use of them was the movie Ghost World which features them worn by cult actress Thora Birch.


IMG_3188 - Copy.JPG

It was a night of similarities. Same clothes, similar faces. As soon as I saw this boy, Mathew Fox, I told him I thought he looked so much like Alex Delarge from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange – and being faultless in my observations of such things (sorry it’s a bit ‘upity’ but so true 🙂  he said it wasn’t the first time he had heard it. He then pulled the most brilliant facial impression of the character that I got shivers down my spine. Look below at the comparison – SCARY!


Alex Delarge from A Clockwork Orange.



This gentleman is wearing his girlfriend’s demented skunk fur. What a legend! NB: no demented skunks were harmed in the making of this wacky accessory.

IMG_3192.JPGRockabilly Madness – Creepers all round.



Now I’m not sure if the cops knew that it was a ‘Cops and Robbers’ theme, however if they did, they certainly took the genre wayyyyy too seriously. It didn’t look as though they were hired to be there so my theory is – by the look on the lady constable’s face – they just wanted to feel like A-Listers for a moment and were obviously a bit sore from not receiving an invite in the letter box of their SHUs (security housing units).



Above Picture: Bec McCombe

The boys and their fateful fashion faux pas. So sorry guys but Style Voyeur cannot let this one go, it is important for the rest of us to know that such a nightmare is indeed a possibility in our world of mass production.

Ben Frichot said he tried to put as much ‘positive vodoo’ into each of his painitings as possible – to bring luck to their owners so I hope the boys each purchased one.


Peace and much rock until next time dames and greaser boys!


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