WA Fashion Awards Backstage (Part #2)

Yo yo! Here is Part #2 of the WAFAs backstage section. All images are exclusive to SV.

This may be the last post for a little while on the festival (more style up/ downs are still to come from festival fashions though) but it really is only early days for Style Voyeur. My coverage of Perth fashion and its people is only just beginning……So stay tuned, tell all your friends and get onto the streets yo as SV is out there and looking for inspiration from YOU!

Also at the moment there is no email address for Style Voyeur but I would like to highlight the fact that if you comment on any of the posts this goes directly to my email and gives me yours so it would be rad if you’d like to do that – for any reason at all 😉

IMG_2918 - Copy.JPG

Funnily enough when I was taking this picute I was in awe of the sweet looking girl (Rosie Tupper) second from the left. Although it sounds incredibly corny – her look is very ‘now’. Then later in the night she was crowned ‘Hot New Talent’ at the Model of the Year Awards – not surprising at all.



Are you getting hungry Casey?

IMG_3079.JPGThis label is awesome! When you look at these pieces you think, how would I ever wear that? But the cool thing is until you put your arms out (like Analeigh and Rachael show) you never notice the political message hidden amongst the fabric. It is not cool that you don’t notice it of course it is cool that, at just the right moment, whenever you feel the need, you can whip it out and make the statement all the more impacting. I had already asked for a picture of both pieces before I knew the messages were there and as soon as I got the camera at the ready the girls each opened their arms to reveal these statements. The label Loz & Gav is one to be watched!




Parris – Like a Tiger!


This has got to be the most hilarious photo in the history of the Perth Fashion Festival. It is a big claim to make but hey I’m making it! I don’t know what compelled me to do it but Emily said yes and the chefs were more than grateful. I think it is a great fashion image. The chef’s uniforms almost look like designer pieces themselves. Emily wears Kooey.


IMG_3051.JPGKooey swim suits.


Adam rocking Tarra Shaylor designs.


Prior to the Perth Fashion Festival I produced a 5 day shoot for Amstel Beer which included weeks of pre-production work and many long nights on location. Analeigh (pictured) was our model for the campaign. By the end of it, all of our wardrobes (including ‘the wardrobe’) and everything the photographer owned was drenched in beer. As soon as the shoot wrapped the festival commenced so it was so nice to have someone else at the events who knew just how mental the past few weeks have been. Fantastic but mental!



The realities of fashion = dressers helping Simon remove his skinny jeans.


As cute as a button (or shall I say – an ostrich feathered neck piece), Gemma B.


I have always loved garments that have a white base (or canvas) and then layer soft colours over the top. This silk dress is a great example of the look (although it would be dye used on the fabric, it gives the look of a water coloured painting).

I have experimented with painting different pastel colours onto white material and it looks really cool. It is so simple and cheap to paint clothes yourself and always adds a much needed unique and individual piece to your wardrobe. Try finding an item of clothing that you don’t mind ruining – like a skirt bought from an op shop for $2 and then purchase some fabric paint. My favourite brand to use is Pebeo Setacolor Transparent from Jacksons in Subiaco. Then it is all up to you to do whatever you want with it. Be aware that by the end of it your $2 skirt will be priceless to you due to all the time you have invested in it.

Previously I have painted a white t-shirt with different coloured pastel spots covering the whole thing, a denim skirt (denim is really good to paint on) into a white and black Beatle Juice type creation and a plain denim jacket customised with paint that I used in a photo shoot of my own. Picture below.


painted jacketd.jpg


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