WA Designer Collections #1 + #2

WA Designer Collections #1 + #2 Thurs 11/08/09

The Western Australian Designer Collection shows were amazing! The turn-out was record breaking and the Perth fashion people in attendance were – to put it simply – HOT!

The stand-out style advice from the night (in order for you to be able to rival these shining stars yourselves) is = Be Creative!

Every single astoundingly chic person SV photographed was wearing a self styled creation. Taking fabrics from warehouses, hand-picking vintage finds from op shops and boutiques, innovative make-up applications and a confident, no fear attitude were all added to the mix.
Obviously you need a good eye in order to be able to do this successfully, however if it all just seems too intimidating for you then simply look to designer Rebecca Paterson. She has already done the hard work for you. What an amazing artist! Her creations, aesthetics, personal look and entourage of assistants in tow (all claiming she is their mentor) were the ‘high-style’ fashion stars who stole last night’s show.


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Image 1.JPG
Image 2.JPG
We all scream!
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