Style Palace Launch

Style Palace Launch Friday 5/09/08

The launch of was thrilling to say the least. Dancers from Back to Burlesque and models from Chadwicks sashayed, pranced and jived down the runway for a show that will be remembered for it’s glitter, glamour and knock out fashion. Style Palace had the crowd enamoured and we were all left wanting more!


Lately I have been writing less and letting the pictures do all of the talking. We all know a picture says a thousand words and, really, I can’t compete with that anyhow. However we also all know what a pink frou-frou gown looks like and we certainly all know that to stand out from a crowd you need to have a certain edge or whim about you. As I am sure you are aware by now, Style Voyeur is a place for seeking inspiration. It is a glimpse through my eyes at what the interesting Perth fashion people have to say.

The verdict? My latest question to SV’s captured…why fashion? The – ONLY – answer by all so far (in unison and all exactly quoted) “fashion is a visual way of showing who you are through what you wear”.

Here we are interested in anything but the dull or ordinary because quite frankly a frou frou gown won’t change the world or save a life but a smoky stare through the eyes of a Style Voyeur ‘victim’ may just make you want to challenge the status quo yourself and well, really, there just isn’t anything wrong with that at all!


Simon wears Criss Optical specs – bought online from the U.S., vest and shirt both vintage and pants are Hem and Haw from Harry High Pants, Northie.


Bita wears self customised dress from Tempt, self designed earrings, ring from Diva and watch is Gucci.


Holly Richards design head piece


Style Palace’s Bad Angel Jazz wears Louis Vuitton dog tag neck chain and tailored shirt from Vietnam.


Peeptoe shoes from Green with Envy in Melbourne


Nyssa wears her own design – Cherry Design dress. Vintage belt and bag.




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