Prelude Exhibition Wed 3/09/08
“An exhibition of contemporary fashion, textiles and photography”All designers are graduates of Curtin University.

After the Popsicle Opening, my friend Andrew took me to Gingers Garage up the road on William Street where these stunning works were being exhibited. The door…’friend’ almost didn’t let us in as the show was – technically – over, however with my escort being Curtin staff we were lucky enough to get to browse the collection all on our own.

I must say I am very happy that we did as this is Perth Fashion at its finest folks.

Emma Hunter.jpgEmma Hunter

Elise Capelli.jpgElise Capelli

Sophie Webber.jpgSophie Webber

Gabrielle Watts (back of dress).jpgGabrielle Watts (back of garment featured)

Amy Clarke.jpgAmy Clarke

Tasha Vener.jpgTasha Vener



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