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STM Style SessionSunday 7/09/08For this section of the post I decided to only take pictures of ‘things’.

IMG_2455.JPGI am not a fan of good ole’ Gwen, however I really like this picture. I must say I do also love the STM – I always look out for Claire Davies’ work (stylist for Style Session and STM fashion pages). I especially love Jonathan Cainer’s horoscopes! Seriously, I kid you not – that man is an astrological psychic!


yummy cup cakes


More Curtin University design.
Curtin has always been renowned for producing innovative creative designers and this clothing designer – Madeleine Tucker – is no exception. The print-work, cut and presentation of this jacket/trench-coat/dress is original and forward.


Basement presents SHOPAHOLIC Sunday


Mitch (left) wears Oakley wayfarers and Voltron T-shirt. James (centre) wears revolution hoodie and Omar Seluj sunnies, Streety (right) is wearing Oakley wayfarers, Revival jumper and Converse shoes.
I was on my way to get a mani and pedi with the PFF event co-ordinator (dream on more like it – as if there’s time during fashion week for such an indulgence) and instead discovered these boys outside the tent. I took their pic, wrote down what they were wearing and then they asked me where the band was playing. Sometimes I like to think I know everything and so replyed – “There is no band! Or if there is, it has nothing to do with the festival, not that I know of anyway.” Mitch (yellow wayfarers) nodded and accepted my answer. I was sitting down resting my feet for a moment and so the conversation continued. After a little while Mitch answered his phone and, sitting right next to him, I couldn’t help but hear that he was quite clearly talking to some sort of boss or agent. When he got off the phone we all talked about Perth and fashion for a few minutes, they said they were from Melbourne and then, Mitch, kindly, after about ten minutes, decided to break it to me that they were in-fact THE band. Oops!
Nice work boys.It should be noted that I am not permitted to give the name of the band as their label – Warner – don’t allow it (us bloggers are maybe not chic enough for Warner Music. Either that or they were tricking me again. I choose though, to respect such requests as I am a serious professional ;-), before you consider up-chucking on me however I am sure, with not too much trouble (like I did), you will be able to figure it out all by for yourselves – rather easily – and let me just say, Mitch’s t-shirt ‘name’ is not far off the prize.




The band boys were still around when I took this picture and quite fairly wanted to know what this lady’s name was as they just had a feeling it would be something interesting. Not wrong – Angel. A. wears Swarovski crystal necklace, Witchery jacket, Scoop shoes and a hat designed by her friend Alexis. Scarf is from David Jones.


Forrest Chase and Carillon City Parade – Sunday

Model’s own clothes below
IMG_2441.JPGWhy is it that kids always get the coolest tights designed for them? I am incredibly jealous of this pair worn by Savannah designed by Olily. Dancing shops are usually a pretty good bet for rad tights, John Galliano can be relyed upon and Memory Lane in Mt Lawley also has some cool ones, however nothing rivals the range of interesting tights that kids have available to them. So cute!

Mercedes-Benz WAFAs Public Judging – Student
.- Sunday


Designer Zoe Trotman wears her own design and styling.More backstage student designers and their pieces to be online tomorrow – check out the new ‘backstage’/ ‘front-row’ section of Style Voyeur tomorrow sugars!


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