Perth Fashion Festival – King Street Walk of Fame Garden Party

King Street Walk of Fame Thurs 4/09/08The Perth Fashion Festival hosted its first event for 2008 today at 11:00am on King Street. Kicking off Perth’s most anticipated fashion event of the year was the King Street Walk of Fame Garden Party.

Making Perth History today is Iconic Wheels and Doll Baby designer Melanie Greensmith who received the brick of all bricks – a ‘star’ that will be laid on King Street alongside that of celebrated designers Ruth Tarvydas and Liz Davenport, cementing Greensmith’s success for centuries to come.
IMG_2180.JPGMelanie Greensmith and partner Mark McEntree

IMG_2216.JPGThe beautiful cake designed for Greensmith.

cake.jpgCake for everyone

virginia.jpgPerth Fashion Festival’s Virginia Withers wears Alice McCall dress.

Nick.jpgNick Shepard wears an eclectic vintage ensemble.

Puppies.JPGNot quite sure how to feel about this one but the owner of these puppies assured me that they were happy to use such a mode of transportation. It actually looks quite comfy.
You saw it here first.


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