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WAFAs – Friday 12/08/09

Well well well the final event of the Perth Fashion Festival has now been and gone. As I write this, I almost can’t believe it is true. The W.A. Fashion Awards were a hit, but of course and as expected the beautiful people all rocked up in their most fabulously stylish attire.

I’ll leave it to the ‘serious’ journos around town to give you the data because what we here at SV are really concerned with is the pictures. I have some to show you of all of the right people in their moment, captured at precisely the right time.

I have enjoyed the past ten days more than I could ever explain in writing and although the Perth Fashion Festival has wrapped for 2008 it is not the end for Style Voyeur.

Get prepared to experience some seriously cool backstage and front row action over the next few days from the festival as I have many more under my belt. Much more style advise for Spring/ Summer 2008 and way beyond that treasures – so stay tuned!


All items vintage


Kara Craig wears her own designs, the bag is from the Salvation Army in Riverton (costing $4.50) and necklace and shoes are from David Jones.


IMG_2978 - Copy.JPG

Tim Watson is wearing a ‘Tudor bling shirt’ of his own design – Timothy Watson – waistcoat and pants also own design by the same label name.




Something made me want this girl’s photograph eventhough she isn’t wearing something I would usually stop someone for. When I saw her image in full scale I was so happy I did as there really just is something about this girl. She looks a bit like a Russian dancer and you can’t quite put your finger on it but for some reason you want to know more.

Her dress is Cooper Street, sheer bolero from Jeanswest, shoes RMK and the scarf is from Billie and Rose.


IMG_2934.jpgLibby Larkin Dress


IMG_2950 - Copy.JPG

Once I had asked to get Zoe’s (right) photo with her friend Louisa I waited for a moment while she finished talking to one of her design lecturers and overheard her telling the lady that she had made the dress today just before she came – impressive! Zoe wears her own design for Lonley 8 Bit Heroes. One of her creations was in the show tonight. Louisa (left) wears everything of her own design for label Banished clothing who also featured a garment in the show. Both were for the costume section.


IMG_3130.JPGOliver Twist as fashion icon?

IMG_3059 - Copy.JPG

One of my favourite songs played on rotation for about fifteen minutes during this show – MIA’s Mango Pickle Down River featuring the Wilcannia Mob. 

The image above ‘technically’ is a very average photo but aesthetically I love it which is why it is included. Usually I don’t bother taking catwalk shots (we have the wonderful Stefan for that), however I thought it was interesting that Tom Bullard (pictured) was up against 6 girls for the photographic award – as the only male – in the competition.

Aside: Regarding (below) for the record these (show) pictures were taken about 40 metres from the catwalk. Read on…

There has been a lot of talk lately about my camera. It’s funny, I love my little Cannon mini digi cam. It is ok, it takes good enough photographs, yes it’s not super fancy but I love that I can fit it in a tiny studded Clutch and be on my merry way. I take it everywhere with me – literally – as you never know when or where a photo opportunity may arise. People have often said to me, when shooting for Style Voyeur – ‘Oh is that the camera you use?’ (insert un-impressed tone), but the feedback varies. Last night a very notable photographer approached me (after seeing SV) to ask if I had a ‘trick’ as to how I take my photos and ‘work the flash’ and why they come out so well. (this time insert *gush*). He even duelly noted the correct name of it, to maybe consider buying one (which is strange because he had two massive SLRs around his neck). The truth is I don’t have a ‘trick’ or a secret.

The other day I met a fellow blogger and again there was an element of surprise involved when she set eyes on my camera – again clearly taken aback by the mere size of it. So it got me thinking – am I supposed to feel lacking in the size department? I thought only men worried about these things. Should I get a better camera, but then wouldn’t that make me superficial or even some-what of a conformer?

Then I came to the realisation that….it doesn’t matter what the size of your camera is, it’s the way you use it that counts! And that’s minus any ‘tricks’ or user manuals. (insert apology for the obvious referencing, however it just really is true!)


And even if I do say so myself – you can’t buy creativity!



From these pictures I took just last night you can see why there was a tie between these two girls as winners of the Photographic Model of the Year Award. The camera loves them!


Pip Bingham

Letecia (good) - Copy.jpgI asked Letecia to do ‘The Mafia’ and although she had no idea what I was on about (quite fairly) she emulated exactly what I wanted from this photo. She is the most gorgeous mobster I know.


My prediction is that Emily Cattermole is set for big things and her fun, fantastic personality just adds to her appeal. With Tanya Muia from Chadwicks and friend.

IMG_3121 - Copy.JPG

I just have to add – these clashing, patterend dresses are not Style Voyeur territory, however the gorgeous women in the photograph more than make up for them.


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