Seeing Red

 Seeing Red 8.08.08

Dramatic, provocative and attention grabbing. A touch of red goes a long way.

I am not angry – but everywhere I go I am seeing red.

IMG_1141.JPGWhat first caught my attention was this girl’s quirky feathered head piece. When I asked to take her picture she removed her trenchcoat and revealed this stunning red cami which is just as exciting to the eye. I love her dramatic – no risks spared – style.

IMG_1917 - Copy.JPG

Being a fashion girl at heart and studying media law can, at times be some-what of a challenge. I find it is a lot easier to stay inspired when your professor dresses like this.

Anna wears a traditional Indonesian garment – called a ‘Kabaya’ bought in Singapore. She tells me it is often worn with a matching sarong and is usually the outfit of choice for a Javanese muslim bride.

IMG_1713 - Copy.JPG

Naomi’s outfit was bought from a selection of op shops around Perth. Her shoes are from Olive in the Plaza Arcade – a store that offers ‘high street’ shoes and bags. These red pumps are very similar to ones designed by Chloe last year.

Boys Boys Boys.jpg

I absolutely love this picture!

The clothes worn by both boys are chic and classic. The composition is sound and the provocative connotations it puts across (although it’s nature was completely innocent) all lend to it’s appeal.

IMG_1202 - Copy.JPG

Individuality through edgy accessorising.


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