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24.08.08Lately I have heard a lot of people complaining about how everyone in Perth seems to know eachother and it got me thinking. What would it be like to live in a city where everyone is unknown? Is it a positive thing to know ‘everyone’ or is it an annoying burden? Is Blanche Dubois right – can we always rely on the kindness of strangers? After much pondering I have come to the opinion that I think there is something remarkable about living in a city where you can rock up to a party uninvited and be greeted by a bunch of people you know – standing with open arms.

I once was at a 21st and it was clear as the night ticked on that some people’s agenda’s didn’t wash with my own. So, knowing that my boyfriend (at the time) was either at the Amplifier Bar or Capitol on Murray Street, I hopped in a cab and low and behold, within minutes – to my great relief – found him standing on the side of the road, head down, writing me a text message.
I would have to agree, this could only happen in Perth but unlike some people – I am grateful for it.

So in saying this I have decided to show you some pictures I have taken of ‘unknown’ individuals to demonstrate just how it feels not to know who they are.

Immediately you ask yourself – who is that person? What are they all about?….You want to know them! It is human nature to want to put a name to a face (or in this case a name to a stylish body). We are curious beings.

So next time you think it is strange to live in a city where you know most people, either personally or by some small degree of separation, be grateful that you have the freedom to walk amongst your friends (or friends of your friends) knowing that a familiar face is just around the corner – standing with arms wide open.

And if you don’t believe me – that there is something very special about that – then go rent ‘A Street Car Named Desire’ and you will soon realise that Blanche Dubois, (as stylish as she may have been) bless her sole, was simply just cuckoo!

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