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Yes – 19.08.08I have officially had the title of Style Voyeur for three weeks today but the truth is – I have actually been a voyeur of style my entire life.

The only difference is that now I have an excuse for watching people and although my name may imply otherwise, it is a lot less seedy when watching people for a purpose.

One thing has changed though and that is, now when I see someone who inspires me enough to approach them and ask if I am so lucky as to capture their light for a moment of their life cemented in history – when they refuse – it feels as though a small part of me dies inside. This may sound extremely melodramatic but when I see a complete stranger on the street and immediatley start writing ‘copy’ about them in my head, and – for whatever reason – they say no, the amalgamation of excitement and sadness of knowing what could have been, the thing that makes them special and my lost honor of not being able to share that with you – never leaves me.

Despite my want – I am nostalgic for them.

I believe life is beautiful for all of its wonderous intricacies. Although it sounds corny I also believe that, at whatever cost, it is always important to say yes!

Imagine a world where there was only yes.

Nike has built a cult phenominon based on it, everything brilliant comes from it, the reason you are here is because of it, so I am simply putting it out there, most necessarily and more likely too epic-‘ally’, when I ask you, so kindly for your photograph – because you are amazing –  however desperate I may sound – Just say Yes!

A shout out to all the beautiful people who have shared a part of themselves with us all thus far.

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