Day 4 TPFF – Camilla With Love


Model idiots? Derek and Hansel aka Mason Roberts and Stirling Cauilo from Vivien’s playing up for my camera backstage at the Camilla show – but more on them soon!

The Camilla show was highly anticipated in the lead up to Day 4 of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, with famous Australian Stylist and show Producer Mark Vassallo in town to creative direct the SS 14/15 presentation. His regimented backstage antics are notorious but there’s no arguing, the guy certainly knows how to put on a show! Backstage was completely re-fitted and on Day 4 it was weird to walk in there and see it so differently set up. Models got changed a lot closer to the runway, the show started perfectly on time, everything went as smooth as silk, photographers were kicked out and I got a pretty good talking to for trying to stay, but managed to stand my ground with a little luck on my side (possibly thanks to the beautiful One Fell Swoop gown I was wearing>?)  and Mark kindly let me, exclusively, stand in a tiny gap near the runway exit to snap away. YESSSSSS!


Vivien’s model, Miquela Vos wearing Camilla backstage

Everyone always asks me, “What did you think of the show?” or “Did you get to see the show from front of house?” My reply, obviously being no and I usually have no idea how the show actually looked, however to me it doesn’t really matter. I like taking photographs and seeing the clothes up close and hanging with the models. To me it doesn’t even matter if a show goes badly or is a complete mess because as long as I get to take photos and work with these awesome models who have become my lovely friends and the clothes look great in them, I get my snaps amongst the chaos and am obviously allowed the access I need, then I am happy!

This show was obviously wonderful for the lens from backstage. So much detail, so many colours and patterns, beautifully merchandised, accessorised, cast and just a pleasure to see so close up. I hope you enjoy it because I would have to say this is right up there with one of my favourites and if I do say so myself, one of the most beautiful to date!


Relaxed opulence backstage at Camilla


The models were all told to stand at their first look dressing racks so everyone could check them before the show began, here’s the stunning Simone Kerr doing just that!


Beaded backpacks


Not a detail missed with Mark Vassallo running the show, models wipe their feet before appearing shoeless on the runway – grubby feet is not very fashun after all! Bronx Whitehorn does what she’s told, sometimes…


Ebony Iris looking like a bird of paradise in her wrap dress, so many colours and prints


Jess PW showing off her cool arm candy whilst having a lean before the show


Miquela photo-bomming my close-up of Stirling’s ear cuff. We were all pretty scared of being told off at this point but there’s always room for secret naughtiness backstage haha


Lizzie Crane stepping into line


Gwen Owen looking so ethereal and in her element before the show. I take as many shots as I can and end up having hundreds to go through from each show and am very particular with the way I present them (hence my delay in posting them). For this show there were almost 400 to sort through and as you can see below, every shot I took of Gwen at this moment was completely beautiful so I’ve had to include them all – she looks like she is walking on air in one of Camilla’s signature Kaftan dresses

IMG_1984 IMG_1988 IMG_19566

Hair and make up checks before models walk the runway – you can see this girl is loving being poked and prodded from every angle – such a backstage action shot right there!


Vivien’s girls Miquela and my new favourite, Dana on the right – she is so interesting looking and I was loving the blues. Not usually a fan of blue but boy it can be flattering at times and on these two, just wow.


Now this is what I was talking about earlier. Let me get one thing straight, these boys are so incredibly hilarious it is sometimes too much to handle. They say that they love to ruin my backstage experience but the fact is, they do quite the opposite. I have known quite a few genuine, professional comedians in my life and Mason and Stirling are pretty up there with the best of them when it comes to humour and silliness. I find myself laughing out loud hours after time spent with them, remembering some of the things they say. Their little one liners and silly words seem to stick in your head. They are a comedy duo of sorts and have their own little, ridiculous language that takes time to get to know but no time at all to see how truly silly they are.

Despite their chiseled features and their being really really good looking, they are massive clowns at heart and so very down to earth. All the models are down to earth actually. All these misconceptions about bitchiness backstage amongst models is such rubbish in my experience.

I got to know Mason and Stirling when I enlisted them to do a guest post for SV from Europe – YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT HERE – when they were walking in shows for the likes of Giorgio Armani, Fendi and Zegna. We would chat on Facebook and had lots of D&M’s and since they’ve both come home, have shared somewhat of a backstage bond due to our mutual appreciation of ridiculous antics, I suppose. Their jokes are often Zoolander based and of course everyone finds them hilarious, it is not just me but it is their humour that makes MY experience backstage so much more incredibly fun. And fun is a pretty high priority in my life. I swear I am not a weirdo modelizer, preying on the young haha – they are just lovely nice friends who I do love in my own way. All the models have been saying that this year’s TPFF was so much fun, I don’t know why it seems that way, more so than other years but it would be pretty safe to say that it has a lot to do with these two.

Here they are above and below pretending to a) run b) model in a major campaign c) pretending but actually being, whilst pretending to be male models c) taking the piss out of fashion d) being VERY fashion

IMG_19788 IMG_19777

e) Ruining photos whilst still being idiots behind genuine models, modeling hahaha

IMG_19399 IMG_19277 IMG_1959 IMG_2003

Ahhh Simone Kerr, you could drop your camera and still get an amazing photo of this girl! Love the pink highlights by Hair Director Brad Ngata from L’Oreal Professionnel and the beautiful, natural make-up by the ever so talented Carol Mackie from MAC

IMG_1949 IMG_1994 IMG_1974

Beautiful accessorised male models,  Jan from Germany pictured

IMG_1985 IMG_2058 IMG_1954

It is all about the hair at Camilla, long extensions, pink highlights and feathers, jewellery and plats adorning the head

IMG_1940 IMG_1945 IMG_2060

Caitlin Lomax, how cool is this look!


A magic moment of movement – handing back the flags after the show

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‘Til next time,

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