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This morning officially marks the earliest event I have attended in SV history. At 7:30 am Perth bloggers, selected media and the style mavericks of the wild west were up and about to welcome Zara to Perth. Upon arrival I was amazed to discover a line had already started forming outside with security barring the eager shoppers and even some media entry, whilst ushering us in to greet publicists with gift bags in tow. Privileges such as this are common for our kind and do not go unappreciated, yet it still felt quite weird to walk in whilst they weren’t allowed to. Waiting two hours to have their first pick of high streets’ most famous brand was unquestionably worth it for them.

My intern Serene and I had a browse and listened to the presentation held with stylists from the womenswear, menswear and childrenswear sections, discussing Zara’s ‘trending’ must haves and key transeasonal looks. Perth shoppers now have access to more affordable, trend driven basics to mix and match with their favourite designers and the scale of Zara itself is unlike anything we have had at our disposal before. I think this especially applies to menswear. I personally love menswear, even for myself and as a stylist with a tall brother and being asked all the time what there is available for men in Perth, with too few options in the past – Zara is helping to close that gap in the market. Now there is no excuse for our boys – grabbing a well cut suit for an affordable price is an option now too!

Above: Scoop Magazine stylist, Clare Ryan


Personal Style Bloggers, Ali Sims from Creatures of Commonplace blog and instablogger and model Agatha @agathavpw


Serene Ong checking out the Zara merch


Zara womenswear stylist telling us about statement jackets and Zara’s most ‘trending’ finds

IMG_8392 IMG_8283 IMG_8320 IMG_8437978

Jordana Ripp from Perth Style


So many beautiful menswear options

IMG_84022 IMG_8418 IMG_8381

Bubbo loafers, so cute!


Stunning childswear that goes up to a size 14 – meaning if you are a size 8 you could probably option this section too> as told to us by the stylist from Zara during the presentation


Printed tees


Tiny Hello Kitty training bras

IMG_8442 IMG_8440

More high street options for Perth customers thanks to Zara

Style Voyeur5

Blogging away


The line, the media – it was all happening before 9am this morning!


The line from inside


Zara – Garden City, Perth

‘Till next time,

xxx SV xxx


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