STYLEAID kicked off last night without a hitch. As the only blogger to not be kicked out from backstage when the show started, my tireless efforts behind the scenes did not disappoint! As ever, I have some INCREDIBLE pictures to share with you thanks to my beautiful relationships with these gorgeous girls and boys AKA models who work so hard to help me capture the SV moment 🙂 This is the first glimpse but there’s PLENTY MORE where this came from so stay tunes today and tomorrow. I love these boys so much for having the balls to hold hands (above) when I asked, only real men would say yes to this. They are wearing Zsadar with necklaces from Generics Accessories. LEGENDS!


Olivia Donaldson from Viviens wearing Vivienne Westwood from Dilettante with amazing make-up by MAC, directed by the ever talented Carol Mackie with hair directed by Sue Morgan of Highgate Salon, Be Ba Beau and team


What a stunning girl, also wearing Westwood. This make-up is sooo rad!


Bronx and Simone in Aurelio Costarella


Models posing it up to the beat of a drum wearing Aurelio Costarella


The way the head-piece is sitting between her lips makes this model look a bit like Lindsey Wixon


Stirling Caiulo AKA dreamboat wearing Zsadar


Zoolander central


Boys wearing Zsadar (above & below)


I just love this shot, the way they are all blankly staring at me


I spend my whole life looking for Keanu Reeves look-alikes, this boy is gorgeous. There is a contestant on this year’s Big Brother who fits the bill too. Things are turning around!


The VW crowns were sensational. I just love the MAC make-up and slicked down hair by Sue Morgan’s team


The androgynous theme was so fantastic! Well done Aly May and Mark Reid for this creative idea! I don’t know who made the VW headpieces but I assume it was Daniel or Tane from Dilettante and they are just incredible! This boy clearly LOVED his look, he was posing up a storm backstage. The models who can act up for the camera win me over every time


Boys being girls dressed as boys dressed as girls in the one and only Vivienne Westwood from Dilettante. Owner Diana Paolucci-Kulski is such an asset to the WA fashion industry. This amount of Westwood on one catwalk at one time anywhere other than in Paris for the VW shows…and in Perth of all places for STYLEAID is such a testament to just how amazingly lucky we are to have Dilettante in existence in WA




Above is an example of models, modelling. Posing for the camera with some theatrics. Some models get it, some don’t. Everyone should but it is what defines a good model over another. Dylan and Olivia know how to model for the SV camera. People wonder why I favour shooting some models over others, this is why. Husband and wife stylzz wearing Vivienne Westwood from Dilettante

IMG_6371 IMG_6495

Above models wearing Zhivago. Designers Lydia Tsvetnenko and Lara Kovacevich had a disaster on their hands earlier in the day when they discovered their collection and hummer had been stolen from outside where Lara was staying. A media frenzy ensued and they managed to find the car but not the collection so had to pull together archived pieces and I thought the additional beanies was a great on trend touch to add at the last minute. Well done girls, if it wasn’t for the PR frenzy, no one would have noticed anything was wrong


Amy and Bronx getting up close and personal backstage right before walking on the catwalk


there are no words…


Just divine


The beautiful, Sarah Ayor wearing Bikini Atoll Swimwear and model below leaving the catwalk also wearing Bikini Atoll designed by Louise Bond

IMG_6611 IMG_6351

Stunner Fabienne Vanderhaeghen making her runway exit in Ae’lkemi


Amy feeling the Aurelio Costarella moment

’til next time,

xxx SV xxx


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  1. Debbie Kelly

    Amazing photos as always. I really love seeing your posts. xx

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